Robert Green Nobelprize nominee speaks on behalf of Sonia



Sonia must be congratulated on her courage and determination in being prepared to face down those powerful people who are complicit in protecting

evildoers, aided and abetted by all those others in positions of responsibility who manifestly lack Sonia`s bravery.

It was good to see again that heroic police officer, Mike Veale, stand his ground against exactly the type of people to whom I have just referred. If only there were more chief constables who would refuse to act as puppets of the Establishment in protecting high-level criminal sexual predators.

Sonia is also to be praised for devoting such effort to discuss these issues with the recently deceased Dr Joan Coleman, whose commitment to help those who have suffered the horrific ordeals of satanist ritual abuse should never be forgotten. Dr Coleman was a true heroine of our time.

Finally, David Icke was again shown to have been prepared to be the only well-known personality to accuse Edward Heath whilst he was alive, as he also did with Jimmy Savile. Those who knew about these two individuals whilst they lived, did absolutely nothing and then proceeded  to mock David Icke, should hang their collective heads in shame.

Every single person in this country who values the safety of our most vulnerable children should watch this disturbing but inspiring film – and act to bring this state corruption that so shames our country  to an abrupt end.
Robert Green

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