Organiser of this petition Belinda McKenzie sends the following message:
Huge thanks to all who have helped bring this Petition to nearly 1000 signers in just over 2 weeks. I’m happy to report that it in combination with our efforts on the streets plus a robust letter-writing campaign appear to have had the right effect on Scottish officialdom – it appears possible that Robert will be released on Friday 16th May following a summary hearing in Aberdeen Sheriff Court.
HOWEVER we can by no means be sure of this outcome so please keep circulating the Petition and also direct your networks to the Free Robert Green website for the latest news

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This report on the events of Friday 9th May has just come in from a key supporter:
Hello all, 
I saw Robert tonight at HMP Perth; lots to cover:
He was taken to Aberdeen first thing this morning in an enclosed uncomfortable G4S van, almost two hours for the trip each way. This was followed by six hours in a holding cell. He had hay fever acting up badly and was feeling pretty rough by the time he appeared in front of the travelling sheriff, Sheriff Brown. This caused much concern to his supporters who had travelled to be at the hearing ; but is not a matter of serious concern. He did, however, have heart pains the previous day so health issues generally remain to the fore. As you know he was remanded in custody for another week; everything else was positive though. 
Firstly, Robert was very happy with the legal representation provided by his solicitor Mr Campbell; quietly behind the scenes it seems this was very effective as they have not only downgraded the case from a solemn to a summary trial, but has further reduced the case to one with a maximum sentence of six months. This is hugely significant as with good behaviour (Robert’s is impeccable) this means three months inside. He has already served a total of 84 days so in less than a week he will have completed his maximum sentence, all before being charged / indicted! His next court appearance, on Friday next week, absent some underhand dirty dealing from the fiscal, should see him released on bail. He is understandably loath to get his hopes up, but the chances of release must be excellent and improving with every day. 
The crown office will then have to face the fact that having locked him up for 90+ days, on who knows what flimsy evidence, they will have to proceed with a dodgy case , with jurisdictional questions, a defendant determined to call the justice secretary, deputy fiscal, former lord advocate, current lord advocate and a host of other star performers to be defence witnesses, all with the UK column reporting daily and worldwide attention,.. or else compensate him for his incarceration. In his quiet brave way, Robert has them on the run. As the prosecuting authorities continue to retreat, the prosecution and detention looks increasingly vindictive and the Hollie Greig campaign as a result gets stronger. 
On the way back to Prison Robert came up with a  slogan for English and Welsh campaigners for justice in Scotland, “NO PERSECUTION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”, which I like very much as it neatly sums up Roberts position and the political failure in the Scottish Government and Parliament. It also sums up what can be expected by those of us who have the “benefit” of representation. 
The reports from the court today regarding Robert’s health were so bad that I feared what I’d see at visiting time, how relieved I was to see Robert bouncing through the door wearing a big boyish smile and looking  decades younger than he did a few days ago. 
I will leave you with a little evidence of the effect of the recent Perth demo and the campaign by some locals. The attached photo is from the notice board at the entrance to the Odesi Fusion Indian Restaurant in Perth. Next to the posters advertising a rock band and the local football team’s forthcoming and first ever cup final are two posters alerting customers to the need for Justice for Hollie Greig and freedom for Robert Green. Hollie’s army may lack many things, but at least they have an official indian restaurant! 
Goodnight all and God bless you and God preserve Robert Green

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  1. We must all stay as Positive as possible and keep in our minds that Robert Will Soon Be Free …
    Do whatever you do, as in Pray for Robert, or as I myself do, Talk to the Universe & Angels, while Wishing Positive Healing Energy to Robert & that Justice be done now…
    “Step Forward Without Fear” Robert…

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