“Now’s the day and now’s the hour”

Robert’s blood pressure is now around 188 over 104 not what I wrote last night which would have been more or less normal but his is certainly not back to normal. Also I’m advised by a medical friend that angina is still a condition giving rise to concern as it can lead to the more serious conditions.
So in our letter-writing we must still present Robert as not in good health quite part from being unjustly incarcerated. Here are contact details for the prominent  people Robert has advised we write to in the push to get him out of prison – but this is not just for him of course, it’s for Anne and Hollie and the whole cause:
Alex Salmond MSP, First Minister, St. Andrew’s House, Regent Road, Edinburgh EH1 3DG  – as I now learn, Salmond is taking a break from his jet-set touring of the world staying in 5-star hotels at Scottish taxpayer expense and is today opening the SNP Spring Conference in – yes – Aberdeen!
Nicola Sturgeon MSP,   Deputy First Minister, or 627 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow G41 2QG    Tel. 0141 424 1174.  Robert says she’s hopeful that Salmond will be booted out and she’ll get the leadership of the SNP/an Independent Scotland, great Nicola, so help free Robert and lock up Denis Mackie and it will be in the bag for you!
Johann Lamont MSP, Leader of the Scottish Labour Party or Ms Johann Lamont MSP, The Scottish Parliament, Holyrood House, Edinburgh EH99 1SP. The Scottish Labour Party makes up the largest number of Opposition MSPs at the Scottish Parliament;
Kenny MacAskill, Justice Secretary, St. Andrew’s House, Regent Road Edinburgh EH1 3DG  Scotland – MacAskill has just banned guitars from Scottish prisons which looks very much like a nasty little personal stab at Robert who has been playing his guitar at HMP Perth. MacAskill tends to have a very strange reaction whenever the names Hollie Greig or Robert Green are mentioned; 2 supporters who visited him at his constituency office in 2010 described how at the mention of the dread name/s he completely lost his rag, stamped and thundered around the small 2-story building making the floors shake and the secretaries almost cower under their desks! So he’ll just love hearing from us…
Andrew Shanks Procurator Fiscal for Aberdeen, Atholl House, 84-88 Guild Street, Aberdeen  AB11 6QA    Tel. 01224 578 965 – according to Robert’s lawyer, Shanks refused bail because of Robert’s leafleting outside the Sheriff Court in Aberdeen – well, I’ve done the odd spot of leafleting there but Robert was inside the building in hand-cuffs at the time so how can he possibly be held responsible for that?! 
Alan Cochrane, Editor of the Scottish Daily Telegraph has no time for Salmond and only last week was on TV advising Scots to get rid of him. See his latest article OK, so how about Cochrane exposing Salmond’s Freedom of Information shenanigans regarding Hollie Greig and the amount of money spent by now on hounding Robert Green and Tim Rustige? Attach the damning articles   &   &
Kingsley Thomas, Manager for Criminal Legal Assistance, SLAB (Scottish Legal Aid Board) 44 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh EH3 7SW – he’s just refused Robert the services of both Junior & Senior Counsel for his trial, even though millions of pounds of public money are being expended on persecuting him. The reason given according to Robert’s lawyer is that he Robert was leafleting outside Aberdeen Sheriff Court which is total rubbish – I BM was leafleting outside the court while Robert was inside hand-cuffed in the dock!
Rt Hon Alistair Carmichael MP, Secretary of State for Scotland, Dover House Whitehall London SW1A 2AU  or – he’s a Lib Dem so to give him extra joy you can attach the Daily Mail article on paedophile Cyril Smith clearly framing David Steel and Nick Clegg as Smith’s supporters
It’s advisable to send letters to the Scottish officials recorded delivery as they have a habit of pretending not to have received them as we have found from past experience.
Note again that the Crown Office still hasn’t made up its mind whether it wants Robert’s case to go to trial or not, based on which his lawyer has changed tack and is now asking for a Review rather than bail for the 4th time.
3 months in prison for what? Could certain walls be crumbling? For very sure therefore our efforts on the letter-writing front could be critical in bringing matters to tipping point. Sorry to make everyone work so hard but this could be it – “now’s the day and now’s the hour” in the words of Robert Burns – indeed.

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