As Ima understand it Robert was not called in court today so that means they be holding Robert either in Queens St or Bucksburn cells, obviously Robert will be up in court on the 17th but really other than that could it be the majistrates public which Ima doubt very much when they will rather have a sheriff in the crown affirm some dodgy date for trial but in saying that they wunni with hold Robert right? hhmm the whole kidnapping like Nazi Gestapo’s is ever so real they just wunni knock Robert about like any Adam for reason being they are scared sh1tless as it is to have re-arrested Robert only has no other than for the reason of muzzling Robert once again


Please be at court to support Robert on Monday the 17th if you can personally Ima canni make it until after 11 prolly closer 11:30am
Unless they held some dodgy star chamber after hrs

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