Robert in Court Aberdeen Monday 15 December

Monday 15th December at the Sheriff Court Aberdeen (6 minutes’ walk from train & bus stations, top end of Union Street) was originally to be only an ‘Intermediate Review’ pending the trial proper on 21st January 2015 and as such Robert did not need attend it, indeed he would have been happy to avoid yet another costly journey to Aberdeen…
Tomorrow’s proceedings will however double as a renewed application for his stringent bail conditions to be lifted and he will therefore be attending in person. It goes without saying he would be delighted to see any friends who don’t live too far away who might manage to get to Aberdeen to support him but there is absolutely no pressure on anyone to be there; it will only be a very short hearing, this is very short notice, it’s wintertime and cold, people are very busy before Christmas, etc.
The really important date Robert says is the trial proper on 21st January 2015, again as usual at the Sheriff Court in Aberdeen so please put that in your diary if you haven’t already.
We recognise this blog has got a bit patchy recently, due to the blog-manager/editor being busy in too many directions at once as the battle against child abuse deepens and widens. With atrocity after atrocity coming to light the sheer scale of the problem is at times overwhelming but at the same time, more and more noble souls are coming forward to deal with it. The main work at the moment therefore consists in bringing together and unifying this growing force and cohering all the information flooding in from all sides, most of which has to happen under the radar for reasons which hopefully are obvious.
We apologise for this ‘break in service’ therefore but the good news is that despite all the restrictions on him Robert continues to be in close touch with many friends of the campaign by phone or letter and he is deeply grateful also for the generous financial support he is receiving – warmest thanks to those who have been organising that.

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