Happy Perth-day

(Updated Friday 28th March)
Unfortunately I was unable to get up to either Aberdeen yesterday morning or Perth yesterday afternoon as planned after all so was very relieved that Robert had 2 visitors at 7 pm (which would have been a bit late for me anyway – there is no afternoon visiting at HMP Perth on either Thursday or Friday this week).
The visitors found Robert in very good spirits having received 112 birthday cards! so Robert says a HUGE THANK YOU provisionally to everyone – of course he will do his best to acknowledge them all but even Robert might find that hard going, apart from anything that would require 112 stamps, some for overseas…
The prison officers said they have never seen anything like this in all their days. The day started with a raucous rendering of Happy Birthday in the canteen at breakfast and it went on from there all day. As one of the lads put it to Robert’s 7 pm visitors “he’s our hero.”
Our world certainly needs heroes to stand up against the villains and remind us of what is real when most people’s everyday lives are lived increasingly in an increasingly virtual reality, a trend which looks set to escalate thanks to technological advance.
Once again may I spell it out: Nothing is eternally more real throughout the entire universe than a young child’s pain, terror and sense of aloneness with no one to protect him or her against adults doing frighteningly horrible things to her or him…
This is the baseline of reality on our planet and Robert and Rusty for that matter, sent to HMP Peterhead yesterday morning are among the few remaining on that baseline while most of the rest of the world is off playing or indulging itself or totally preoccupied with the serious business of Getting or Making Money.
The 4 females, I will give them no higher designation who attended Aberdeen Sheriff Court yesterday, no doubt as usual freshly coiffed, expensively-clad, bejewelled and perfumed as on Monday 24th February when I sat behind them in the public gallery at the Sheriff Court and felt faintly queasy all morning, clearly have not a thought in their collective heads about protecting children from abuse. Yesterday their reaction to another Englishman’s being sent down in a valiant attempt to protect children north of the border was to go and crack open a bottle of champagne!
As for the presiding Sheriff at Aberdeen yesterday, Derek Pile or Pyle, I was keen to know whether he followed the lead of his predecessor Sheriff Principal Bowen, tasked in 2012 with consigning a vexatious, interfering Sassenach to a dreary sojourn in a Scottish prison, and delivered a similarly censorious, moralistic and overtly racist disquisition along with the sentence?
But I’m told Pyle was mild and even a bit muddled – Paul help me out here, you were in Aberdeen yesterday, did Pyle really infer Angiolini is still in 2014 Lord Advocate of Scotland in these latest proceedings?
Could Scottish Freemasonry/Levy & McRae/Scottish Media Group/the Speculative Society/The Violate Club/Denis Mackie have been forced to resort to someone in the early stages of senile dementia to get Rusty put away?!
Hopefully your blog will clarify

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