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Child killer who knifed 13-year-old girl to death ‘is now living as a man in women-only jail’ 

Child killer 'living as man in women-only HMP Low Newton' 

A female child killer is living as a man at a women’s prison, where the murderer has been boasting about an upcoming sex-change operation on the NHS. Hannah Bonser (pictured, top), who stabbed 13-year-old Casey Kearney (pictured, bottom) to death, has changed her name to Adam while serving time at HMP Low Newton in County Durham. Sources say the 31-year-old’s gender switch has angered fellow inmates on the high-security F Wing. Guards now address the wing’s prisoners as ‘ladies and gentleman’ instead of just ‘ladies’, according to a former inmate, who said: ‘It’s put an end to the call of, “Cells, ladies, please”.’Hannah now insists they use “ladies and gentleman”. Hannah’s not physically a man yet, but is on her way. She has asked to be called Adam and changed her name with officials. She says she is going the whole hog.’

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