Quinn recovers

If she had truly been hacked, then she would/should have reported to the Police under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Did she? Nah. Why? Because most likely the material on there may incriminate her more.
Blaming a specific person/group for the hacking, as though she could trace it? Well…….no. She’s not that literate at computers (trust me, I know), and I imagine she thinks a RAT is something in the London Sewers, Ports are types of alcoholic beverage (that I do think she knows a lot about) and Trojan is a brand of condom.
Oh, and I don’t think I’ve accidentally been “added to a group” on Facebook. It involves a positive action on my part (going to the group), followed by another by clicking Follow/Add/whatever and so forth.
Oh and making a decent income? How about…… a f’king REAL JOB? For some reason “scrubber” jumps to mind.

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  • Of course this “I am regularly being hacked” line may form part of a ill formed cunning plan to exuse her from any responsibility for any damning material forensics discover on her hard drives. Drug dealers caught red handed attempt the “I merely found them and was just about to hand them in when you kicked my door down”. Doesnt wash,never has

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