Former Alex Salmond aide Alex Bell says Cybernats are damaging the independence cause; one has to wonder why the Scottish National Party members and their allies thought online hatred wouldn’t backfire on them, now they have created new barriers against independence

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One of the very few good things about the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum is that it flushed out that the Scottish National Party leadership and it lower cult members were a bunch of nasty vicious people.
The vanguard of hate was led by what is called the ‘cybernats’, as people know I had to go through a criminal court to get justice when I was attacked by one of the top 7 outed in the Daily Mail.
It took me 3 years to get justice, in the end, rather than face a criminal trial in open court, Tommy Ball opted not face me in a criminal trial.
But Ball wasn’t the only hate merchant peddling his trade in the cause of Scottish Independence, elected SNP MP Natalie McGrary who was linked to Tommy Ball was also at it. Her nastiness caused her a whopping £10,000 after claiming that Alistair Cameron of Scotland in Union was a holocaust denier.
I didn’t get to name Natalie McGarry in open court for her part in the hate campaign against me, but I made sure that people knew who she is, and what she is, Natalie McGarry is unfit to be the MP for Glasgow East.
Natalie McGarry is a close personal friend of Nicola Sturgeon, and Sturgeon is also linked to Tommy Ball, and all three know each other.
So, what are the ‘tools’ of the trade of Cybernats?
The classic attack lines developed by the Scottish Nationalist are limited but effectively nasty:
They also like to call people homosexual, so you might find during a hate campaign run against you being called both a homosexual and a homophobe by the same person as they desperate search for a weak spot to get a reaction.
In the SNP ranks, quantity of abuse is sometimes more important than quality because cybernats have to keep volume up as they climb new heights of abuse.
Now, it seems that cybernattery has backfire and continues to backfire, secret SNP research has found the party’s gits have damaged the independence cause, probably on a par with the lying committed by the SNP leadership, people don’t want independence under the SNP.
Scotland won’t vote for Scottish independence under the likes of Alex Salmond and the new sock puppet Nicola Sturgeon, the shallow hollow and vacuously inept politician.
You know when you are new in the job people cut you slack to settle in, but the SNP have shown that they are incapable of being in government, they aren’t a government for change; they aren’t even a government for the people either.
It’s ‘Them and Us’.
Of course they lurch from time to time from gimmick to gimmick to try and get short term populist, hence the rise of the ‘selfie’ and ‘Nicola Cares’, substance replaced by spin.  
One of Alex Salmond’s former advisers Alex Bell said internal party polling and focus groups found dogmatic online Nationalists held back the Yes movement failing to convert swing voters before the referendum.
I said years ago, that trying to lie your way to independence was a serious mistake, so in the aftermath of defeat, threats of second indy ref but also new barriers for the SNP and their tame stooges in the Scottish Greens.
As to the SSP, they have fallen off the political radar as the ‘Rise Alliance’ didn’t work at all in their favour to get seats, the curse of Tommy Sheridan did for the SSP and the rebranding wasn’t done right.
No seats at Holyrood, not even on the list!
by repelling rather than converting swing voters before the referendum.
Speaking in a debate on Scottish politics at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on Monday, Alex Bell also described the SNP government’s White Paper on independence as “drivel”.
If you think back to ‘white paper’ day, I faced off against Natalie McGarry on BBC5 Live, my first time as a guest on the BBC in my own right, I raised the issue of trust at the end which next day Brian Taylor, BBC political editor blogged on next day on the same point. It seemed that I was more in tune with Scottish public opinion pre and post vote.
The White Paper launch was low key, I was in Edinburgh, it didn’t seem to me that Scotland had turned up for the less than historic document being unveiled, about a handful of people turned up, a fact not un-noticed by the BBC. SNP MSP Joan McAlpine likened it to the American Declaration of Independence but as Alex Bell rightly pointed out the document was fluff and didn’t make economic sense.
Salmond and Sturgeon thought they could hoodwink the public by putting on a show, the white paper cost a packet and was rubbish!
670 pages of rubbish cobbled together by people who have no clue on nationhood or anything else.
I imagine the crew that wrote this rubbish must have felt pretty pleased with themselves afterwards when it got printed off, question is why?
In politics like life timing is everything, you can’t keep an idea continually going as the political agenda is moved on by demand, so Scottish independence has a time limit then there is decline if nothing happens.
Bell had to the SNP woes by saying:
 “Let’s be clear. All those websites that are still functioning, all that Twitter argument, all that kind of ‘It’s just right’ [position on independence] is losing the argument. The SNP have this polling. They won’t, of course, tell you that. They won’t ever criticise any of that. But let me tell you now – if you are interested in an independent Scotland, do not go into a dogmatic argument with anyone. Do not support a website which adopts a hostile, provocative view of the other side, because you are losing the argument in that process. And when the histories are written, the polling will come out.”
Far from being open and transparent the recent SNP debacle on accountability at Holyrood shows that the decline and the rot have firmly set in.
The SNP aren’t talking to Scotland, they are just talking to themselves because they cannot tolerate other people having a different opinion which is why as a party they will fall, they have risen to ineffective opposition, their fall will be self-inflected, what the tipping point will be is open to debate.
If you think back to earlier posts you would have noticed that I repeated said the second term of SNP Government should have bene about reform of Government and local Government, they have done absolutely nothing which was why I was confident that they would lose as spectacularly as they did.
And let’s remember they also lost the EU debate as well, Nicola Sturgeon, 0-2 on referendums, in contrast to George Laird, 2-2!
Labour peer Lord Foulkes said recently:
“I think Alex Bell is absolutely right. It was a negative thing. It really did harm them, the really aggressive ones. However to be fair I’ve noticed a very big change since Nicola Sturgeon took over. I don’t get anything like the same volume of attacks, as if she’s called them off, whereas Alex Salmond gave them a sort of licence to do what they liked.”
If George Foulkes thinks that because Nicola Sturgeon is now running the SNP ‘rat ship’ this is the reason for less abuse, let me clue him in, the reason that abuse has lowered is the simple concept, there is no Scottish independence referendum running.
Come the next one, then will come the abuse!
Yours sincerely
George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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