PRIORITIES,first world problems or is that PYorites

    • This is quoted from the lovely organiser of the overnight search team. Lovely positive words but brought tears to my eyes : 

      As the new week starts it’s easy to give up hope for Aro. But remember this is a hardy breed of dog and has the willing to give us all the slip. So as the days pass keep her in your mind. She is out there still lets not give up. Thank you all

    • Taken from another fb page posted 10 mins ago by the fantastic group who stayed out overnight in the search for Aro :

      No joy finding Aro.
      Just got in from a cold crispy night in the bittell. We suspect she may not be in this area now and possibly in this weather moving closer to a built up area for warmth. A cuppa and then off to work! 

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