Prime Minister Theresa May Covered Up Sexual Abuse of Daughter




Explosive New Revelations in Victoria Haigh Interview
Prime Minister Theresa May Covered Up Sexual Abuse of Daughter
Threatened Reporter with Prison; Sent Vicky to Closed Prison

“What I think is more bizarre is that the Prime Minister of our country has said, ‘Don’t show me anything like this [evidence of sexual abuse] again. I don’t want to see it.’”
– Julie Kelly, radio host

“Do not mention sexual abuse in a family court. You will lose your daughter. She’ll be given to her father. You’ll never see her again.”
– Vicky’s barrister

If you understand that the system closes ranks to protect male entitlement, you’ll understand more why they’re doing what they are doing…If a man wants the children, he’ll get them.”
– Victoria Haigh, European representative for The Women’s Coalition

In her first interview since self-exiling to France—after her daughter was taken away and given to the [allegedly] sexually abusive father—Victoria Haigh spoke about Samantha Baldwin’s, other UK mothers’ and her cases as examples of the epidemic of children being taken away from women and given to abusive fathers.

Remarkably, in what the host called “really bizarre”, Vicky revealed how Prime Minister Theresa May, in her capacity as Home Secretary, met in person with a reporter who submitted to her the strong evidence that Vicky’s daughter had been sexually abused by her father. May promised to speak with the Children’s Secretary, Tim Loughton, about Vicky’s case.

However, May instead contacted the reporter shortly after their meeting, telling her to take the evidence back. She not only refused to do anything to help Vicky protect her daughter, she threatened the reporter with contempt of court and prison if she ever talked about the sexual abuse of Vicky’s daughter to anyone again. That, of course, intimidated the reporter into dropping the story.

Additionally, Vicky says May got her sent back to the closed prison unit because she did an interview with Antonia Hoyle [See link below]. May was obviously punishing Vicky for speaking out and attempting to silence her.

FOLLOWING are excerpts from interview:…/the-higher-realm-4th-may-2017-t…/
[*Interview begins at 13:00 minutes]

…When they took my daughter from me, and I knew instantly because of how slick everybody was acting in court, I knew I wasn’t the first and knew I wasn’t going to be the last. So I started investigating what the hell was going on. It was like a parallel universe.

…I spoke to my daughter in a petrol station which violated a non-molestation order and I got a 3 year prison sentence. I’m one of the notorious criminals in Britain!

We published Samantha Baldwin’s case…the comments were all on Samantha’s side. We knew instantly why she ran.

…I was a successful racehorse trainer in England. I had a reputation and I ended up in prison. Nobody could understand it. I was wondering where it was all coming from, who really is running this machine?

…My barrister said to me, “Do not mention sexual abuse in a family court. You will lose your daughter. She’ll be given to her father. You’ll never see her again.”…I didn’t believe her; I really didn’t. I told her I’m going to tell the judge my daughter’s been disclosing horrific sexual abuse. Anyway, she was right. I haven’t seen my daughter in seven years.

…It’s already been recognized in [the UN report] that there is discrimination against women, so we want to work with them to implement a new system because the Family Court as it stands is just dangerous, very dangerous. Children are being killed; children are killing themselves; mothers are being killed. I mean, everybody’s dying…and the mainstream media…doesn’t tell why. But we know why—discrimination…If a man wants the children, he will get the children.

…But then you’ve got the other men. They don’t want to pay child support. They want to get back at their women. They want to control the women through the children…the contested custody cases…

…I’ve got a statistic here: sexually abusive fathers are getting custody in more than 81% of cases…when less than 2% of reports of sexual abuse are false. So that’s a lot of kids being given to child molesters…It’s how the system works…It’s got built-in means of keeping the father in power after divorce. And the whole system turns against the mother.

As soon as the mother mentions the sexual abuse, she’s shut down, completely shut down, silenced, imprisoned, ridiculed publicly, humiliated like I was. It’s the same pattern. I’ve got cases all over the UK. Samantha is not the first woman to run with her children.

…They search for these women like they search for a dangerous criminal. They had 100 police officers looking for Samantha Baldwin. If they used the 100 police officers to investigate the abuse of the boys, we might have a successful prosecution of maybe a pedophile ring or something.

…They did the same thing with Rebecca Minnock. She’s another mother that ran. She’s still on supervised contact with her son. They take these kids immediately. I think it’s 29 days ago Samantha lost her boys. I’m 100% sure she hasn’t seen her boys since.

…The police do substandard investigations and then they say there is not enough evidence to prosecute the father. I’ve got one case, Anna Kornas, who spent six months in high-security prison with Rosemary West last year for sending her daughter a letter. She was six months on remand, no trial for giving a letter to her daughter. In this case, the father was actually charged with four counts of sexual abuse against his daughter. The charges were dropped and he got the daughter. The mother was put in prison twice.

…We are all strong women. We hate injustice. We’re fighting a state system which is against us…We need to get this Women’s Coalition really well-supported so we can this new system in place so that we can protect these mothers and these children. Being sexually abused as a child is bad enough but putting the mother in prison for trying to protect her child is just outrageous.

…They’re creating criminals, aren’t they? Samantha’s boys—29 days without their mother who they’ve lived with all their lives—they’re doing trauma treatment, shock treatment to silence them…These are the tricks they’re using, how they’re operating.

…The system works on protecting male entitlement. They go to great lengths, I mean look at all the gagging orders on all these mothers and look at all these mothers who are being put in prison—myself, Helen, Rebecca, Cheryl went to prison; Jo Dean went to prison; Anna Kornas went to prison…They’re making sure that mothers are going to criminal court when they are totally innocent. It’s unbelievable. It’s a major scandal. In my case the criminal court judge used a family court ruling to give me a high sentence. It’s so bad, it’s laughable. I mean I just can’t believe they’re getting away with this. The people in the UK really need to wake up. It’s no longer funny.

…A lot of the mothers are beautiful, intelligent women—so whoever you are, it can happen to you.

…There is not one child safe in the UK. When you take away the power from the mother to protect her child…you know the last obstacle for a pedophile is a protective mother. When you get rid of that, and that is what they are doing in the UK—they’re getting rid of the mother; they’re pushing them aside; they’re putting them in prison; they’re gagging them…Anything can happen to these children. It doesn’t make good for society at all.

…Sexual abuse is a special subset of male entitlement. What you have to remember is that the system is protecting male entitlement and within that is a subset of abusive men. You’re only hearing these abuse cases when women run, but there’s women losing custody up and down the country, not just in sexual abuse cases. So if you understand that the system closes ranks to protect male entitlement, you’ll understand more why they’re doing what they are doing.

…I went to speak at a special Parliamentary hearing when I was pregnant with my second child. When the Doncaster Council found out that I spoke publicly they initiated committal hearings to put this 34-week pregnant woman in prison for speaking at a Parliamentary meeting. John Hemming, bless him, didn’t like this because it’s a constitutional right to speak in Parliament if you’ve got have issues with the State abusing power, which is what I was there for…It was big news, but as normal, they hushed it up, brushed it under the carpet.

…I think there needs to be a revolution in the UK regarding this issue. My barrister said to me, “This is how the system works: You report sexual abuse of your child, you’re going to lose your child…What are you going to do about it—start a revolution?

All the family court judges know, all the barristers know they’re working for this one system which is male entitlement. I just knew what she was telling me was so wrong. If I were in her position, surely I would be making a stand surely I couldn’t see being involved in giving a child to an abuser.

…Why do women judges give kids to an abusive father? Because they get all the benefits men do from going along with the power elite, career kudos, higher social stature, more money. These women betraying other women are the worst.

…They labeled Samantha irrational for believing her boys and found the allegations to be false which he is not allowed to do legally so he’s breaking the law. We’re just trying to pick up the mess, the debris that the system is doing to us.

…The fathers’ rights groups are disseminating information that men are being discriminated against in court, which they’re not, because if they want custody, they’re always winning custody.

…[Samantha] was legally obliged to report to law enforcement and child protection that her boys were telling her they were being abused. She has to do that as a mother because if she didn’t, she’d be breaking the law. She can’t win can she? She just can’t win.

What I want to know is: Did the police go in and take the father’s computer? Did they question him? Did they gather information? Did they use 100 police officers to go investigate the abuse?

…The problem is with the family courts now, there is no deterrent for men. They’re all getting away with it…By abusing their child they get custody. How bad is that?

…We need to really start pushing for this new system now because it’s the only way to deter these men from doing this to these children.

…We need to get rid of gagging orders. We really need to know how many mothers are being gagged.

…Theresa May popped up in my case a couple of times. We showed her my daughter’s pleadings to view and she promised she’d pass the information to the Children’s Minister at the time. When the report went back to her to have the conversation about what happened with the Children’s Minister, she handed the police reports back and said to the reporter, “Do not ever show me anything like this again. Don’t bring anything like this to me again. You’ll be in contempt of court. You’ll be put in prison—and that’s Theresa May, and we have evidence of all this.

…When I was in closed prison, I got put into open prison after several months. As soon as I got into open prison, I did a two-page spread in the Mail—as you do when you’re me! They’ve thrown everything at me, including the kitchen sink [to silence me] and I will not be quiet. Anyway, as soon as I did this newspaper article, [Governor Smith] got me into his office. He said, “Victoria, you’ve upset the apple-cart really high up. Unfortunately, because of the interview you did two days ago, we’ve got to put you back into closed prison.” So they sent me back to closed prison! You know, I’m a mother who’s never been in trouble in my life and they’re treating me like some serial killer, which I found absolutely so bizarre.

[Theresa May] was the Home Office Secretary before she was Prime Minister. She was in charge of the police force and the prisons. I know it came from her to put me [back in closed prison] because [Governor Smith] said it came from high up. I mean he was talking Parliament. “Silence this woman quickly!”

…My lawyer in Paris has written to Doncaster Social Services about the contact with my daughter and do they realize the human rights violations they’re involved in. Even a murderer of his wife in France is still allowed to see his children that he’s had with the wife he’s murdered. Actually I’ve never harmed my daughter. This is just another thing the UK can get away with—just severing contact, just erasing mother out of a child’s life. It’s so easy for them to do. The appeals process is an absolute joke. You just get sent in a spin cycle. I appealed to the high court…

…I was totally crushed by the abusive power of the judges.

…I just want to say hi to my daughter Romany. I’m sorry you got stolen darling but I’m doing everything I can to get you back baby. I love you and I miss you so so so so much.

Internet Radio Interview with Victoria Haigh [Interview begins at 13:00 minutes after music]…/the-higher-realm-4th-may-2017-t…/

Interview with Daily Mail that got Vicky put back in closed prison:
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Interview with Vicky after she got out of prison:
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[Pictured: Prime Minister Theresa May (left); Victoria Haigh (right)]

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