Thank you for all your messages of support following the Court of Session hearing, which provided me with an opportunity to discuss vital evidence about Hollie`s case in open court and to quote examples of Angiolini`s appalling record in public office, including her lies over Lockerbie and lack of compassion towards  a dying man who ought never have been convicted.

Now it is time for Alex Salmond to face questions over his extraordinarily baffling conduct towards the Hollie Greig case and its overwhelmingly supportive expert witness evidence, including that indicating police corruption, all of which is in his possession.

Let us first go back to The Firm magazine`s headline of 3 June 2011, which read:-

Exclusive: Information Commissioner forces Government response to Hollie Greig inquiries.

The Commissioner has ruled that the Scottish Ministers have failed to comply with their obligations under sections 10(1) and 21(1) of the FOI Act. If the Ministers fail to comply with my decision the Court of Session can treat this failure as a contempt of court.

In the event, the entire Scottish Government came within 24 hours of facing potential criminal charges relating to the Hollie Greig case.

Front page news, overwhelming public interest, surely?

No, Mr Salmond`s personal solicitor, Peter Watson of Levy & McRae, boasts with a good deal of justification that he can keep his clients off the front pages. Good for Professor Watson and good for Mr Salmond, but is it consistent with public interest, freedom of expression and freedom of the press?

Also, the Scottish people must not be made aware of the Hollie Greig case. It must be concealed from the public at all costs, just as the disgusting activities of Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith were in England.

On 11 July 2011 came another headline from The Firm:-

First Minister in missing records riddle over Hollie Greig abuse allegations.

The First Minister`s Private Secretary Terry Kowal told The Firm, “I have established that we do not have a record of when the First Minister became aware of the allegations. Therefore, the information you require is not held by the Scottish Government.”

This is a statement of extraordinary inaccuracy.

Apart from the major questions about Hollie`s case posed by the FOI Commissioner, Mr Kevin Dunion, on 28 January 2011, the Crown Office, in its letter by Andrew McIntyre to me of 23 July 2009, referred to my email to Mr Salmond of 20 June 2009 giving details of Hollie`s case and which asked him to intervene. On 1st May 2011, I handed all the key expert witness documents to Mr Salmond in Perth. He undertook to take a look at them after our brief conversation about the case. Then we have the letter from his office to Anne Greig of 2nd October 2007, written by Julie Muir, which says ” Mr Salmond has asked me to thank you for your letter and asked me to reply on his behalf.”

When one considers this terrible case of  the uninvestigated rape of a disabled girl in the neighbouring constituency in Aberdeen, how could it be that Mr Salmond remembered nothing about it and given the evidence that he must have known about it, why did he then not take action?

So just how then could his Private Secretary in July 2011, still claim that Mr Salmond had no information on Hollie`s case?

Some might say that Mr Salmond is a busy man and had become inexplicably confused.

Some might say that Mr Salmond has been suspiciously evasive.

Others might even say that the First Minister has lied.

After contacting Alex Salmond`s constituency secretary, Mr Neil Bailey, enclosing again all the main documents, I invited the committee to ask their MSP why he had done nothing to resolve this blatant injustice. I received a letter of acknowledgement today from David Woods from Mr Salmond`s government office in Edinburgh. It reads simply “I am writing to acknowledge your recent letter to Alex Salmond  regarding the case of Hollie Greig. A reply will be sent to you as soon as possible.”

Of course, despite everything, the prime objective is for a thorough investigation into the Hollie Greig case and those connected to it to take place. I have offered every cooperation to Mr Salmond should he finally decide to take this obvious and honourable course of action, in the public interest.

Please remember that Rusty (Tim Rustige), of Prisoners of Conscience, faces trial by a single sheriff in Aberdeen on 4th and 5th November. He needs as many members of the public to witness the trial as possible. I expect to give evidence on his behalf. His real alleged crime – exposing the rapists of Aberdeen and their high level protectors in the Scottish establishment.

Finally it should not be thought that all of these dreadful coverups take place in Scotland. In Wales, where my background is, there are a number of cases as shocking as Hollie`s in some ways, one of which is the case of Linda Lewis. Linda is fortunate to have a splendid and brave champion in Kevin Edwards. Details of the case can be seen 52 minutes into UK Column`s show of 10th October. Please take a look and offer any support you can to Kevin and Linda.


  1. very nice post
    two thumb up for you ^___^


  2. To quote Robert’s post:
    > … Some might say that Mr Salmond is a busy man and had become inexplicably confused.
    Some might say that Mr Salmond has been suspiciously evasive.
    Others might even say that the First Minister has lied …. <

    Hmmm, and yet again others might venture an opinion that Alex Salmond is acting on instructions from his Speculative Society secret handshake club brothers and ignoring the entire Hollie scandal hoping it will wither on the vine and simply ‘go away’.
    Salmond, as First Minister, tasked with the responsibility for a primary duty of care for ‘all’ Scottish citizens, is not fit for purpose. He is delinquent in his post and for reasons that bear the stench of corruption at a criminal coverup level.



    1. Well said. Salmond and the rest of them are fit for nothing other than the globalist scumbag puppet roles that they play. To hell with the lot of them!

  3. There is also a blog for the Linda Lewis case which can be found at the link here:

    As for Alex Salmond, the coward who hides behind lawyers, I would call him a liar.
    Scotland the Brave, indeed.



    1. Aye Alice – ne’er a truer word spoken. And we all know who Salmond’s lawyer is too – none other than the Wicked Watson of Levy & McRae – an archetype bottom feeding scavenger with the moral integrity of a rutting sewer rat.

      And to think my hero William Wallace was martyred so corrupt scatbag nonce protectors like Salmond could assume the post of First Minister and lead Scotland to Independence from Westminster. Our society is a mess.

    2. A useful link, most informative.

    3. It doesn`t matter what sewer rat leads us to Independence, as long as one sewer rat does. The VOTE FOR INDEPENDENCE, is not a vote for the SNP or Alex Salmond.

      William Wallace lives…OK

    4. Independence in Where Alice? Alex Salmond and the SNP wants to be “independent” in the EU that’s NOT independence when the EU is a part of the Elites agenda for a One World Government with THEM in charge and NO voting for anyone else. Then again even if the people of Scotland vote for independence they are still NOT going to be independent outside of the EU either because neither the SNP nor any other political party has any intention of getting rid of the CORRUPT banking and legal systems in place just now that were set up by the Elites to ENSLAVE the people because ALL of these political parties are CONTROLLED by these Elites.

      These Elites have people divided and fighting over the wrong things instead of everyone fighting against THEM and their CORRUPT system that has enriched THEM at the EXPENSE of everyone else.

    5. Yes Billy thats my take on it as well. The New World Order will continue unabated until people waken up. Independence is just another non issue to get the sheep all riled up for no reason whatsoever.
      keep paying your ever increasing taxes, shut up, do what your told ……..and keep voting for more of the same!

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