A ‘Pre-trial Debate’

(Apologies for delay posting – beginnings of report dictated Friday to 3rd party on failing mobile who emailed it to FRG webmaster but FRG W-M was/is away/absent…)
It’s going to take me another decade at least to get my head around legal procedures in Scotland.
This was indeed “Round 1”of Robert’s trial but by the end of the morning it had become clear the trial proper is still some way off. This morning’s proceedings, in Court 4, again before Sheriff Fleetwood who granted Robert bail 10 days ago, was described by a supporter who seemed to be marginally more in the know than the rest of us, as a ‘pre-trial debate’. It was basically a legal joust between the Counsel for the Defence and the Procurator Fiscal, the purpose of which was presumably for the Sheriff to acquaint himself with the arguments on both sides as to why the trial proper should or should not go ahead, but excluding the examination and evidence of the witnesses so it was certainly not the trial.
However, had anything Counsel for the Defence put to the Sheriff managed to persuade him there was no need or merit in proceeding any further, the trial proper would be dropped. This didn’t happen, therefore the evidential case will be heard on the 16th July with one more interim diet on 27th June.
Robert was told he need not attend on either occasion but when we met him briefly outside the court, he said he would attend on 16th July. He looked well after his week of rest and seemed to be pleased with his Junior Counsel’s performance.
(to be continued when have posted a quick note to Rusty and had lunch!)

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