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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Hampstead Truth Mobbing

Theo van Gogh was a Dutch film director who made a documentary called Submission which was critical of Islamic theocratic regimes. In 2004 he was shot and stabbed to death by a Muslim extremist in a frenzied attack on a busy Amsterdam street in front of dozens of horrified passers-by. The killer decided to murder van Gogh as punishment for blasphemy. According to the witnesses, van Gogh’s last words were directed at his assailant and they were: “Can’t we talk about this?” Can’t we talk about this? Surely that is a reasonable request in any civilization built on logic and calm discourse, as ours is supposed to be. But the answer is always a resounding: “No!” Sadly the same barbarism can be found within the society supposedly fighting to improve the quality of life for people around the world, especially children. Nobody has been shot or stabbed in the Truth movement… yet. I do wonder though if such a crime could eventually happen. Unbelievable a fourth front has now opened up in this league of loathing which is behind my recent troll attacks. The latest belligerent to join the “Hate Ben Coalition” is Sheva Burton, somebody I once interviewed on HPANWO Radio, see: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/programme-38-podcast-sheva-burton.html. The reason she has turned against me is because I interviewed Angela Power-Disney too, see: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/programme-271-podcast-angela-power.html.
The background to this conflict is extremely nebulous, but it concerns the Hampstead child abuse scandal which Angela and I bring up in the interview. As I explain in the interview, this is an issue into which I came in late and by the time I had, those who believed it and those who considered it a hoax had already diverged into a pair of warring factions. It was like walking in on a barroom brawl and expecting somebody to explain to you how the fight started. I merely posted on one of Belinda McKenzie’s videos about Hampstead: “Hi Belinda. How are you?” This is because Belinda is an old friend and I haven’t seen her for a while. We have disagreed vehemently on some matters but we are today on fairly good terms. The result was that I received a broadside of insults in response from the “Hoaxstead” tendency. When Sheva Burton posted this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCkqG9pNybs, I felt deeply annoyed at Sheva’s ignorance, impulsiveness and prejudice, so I posted in the comments box: “Hi Sheva. I don’t agree that what Belinda and Angela have said is a hoax. I stand by what I said about Hollie Greig, but this is something different. I hope that clarifies my position for you.” I assumed we could then enter into a debate over the evidence for or against the Hampstead case, but instead Sheva responded: “Yes, Ben.  It clarifies that you happily support liars, scammers, frauds and despicable protectors of child rapists, molesters, and those who share images of child abuse, too. Thank you.” So from that I gathered Sheva was not interested in entering into an intellectual discussion. There was no point replying so I simply blocked her. Once again, we have a Truth mob. I no longer feel shocked when these tedious and petty little comments-box-conflicts break out; however I really do wish it would stop. Are there not more important issues at stake? We have truly hit peak-troll and this climax shows no sign of decreasing. I was having an email conversation on this matter with somebody and was lamenting about all the meaningless infighting that has poisoned the UFO/paranormal/conspiracy theory community and he told me: “I’m afraid that’s just human nature.” If this is true then it means it is human nature for us inevitably to enter the New World Order. We have somehow evolved a suicide gene in our DNA. This is a terrible reality for me to face, if it is indeed reality. It would mean that everything I’ve done with HPANWO has been a waste of time. I hope it is not reality.


Kris said…

Hi, Benn,

How do you do it? Another successful blog, you sire are a genius and your sperm should be bottled.

Any idea about Roswell Part 3 yet?


Ben Emlyn-Jones said…

Well thanks, Kris. nobody’s ever praised me THAT much before!
The new book will hopefully be out before the end of the year.

Robin said…

Hi Ben, Kris is spot on. I live in Dumfries and I’ve really got all my friends into HPANWO and your Roswell books. You are a legend around these parts. Do you sell merchandise at all like HPANWO t-shirts and badges etc? I’m in my final year at St Andrews Uni doing architecture but I’m not enjoying it and if I manage to graduate I’m not going to be an architect I’m thinking of becoming a hospital porter because it sounds a good worthwhile job and something romantic about it. I don’t want to have a middle class career having to suck up to arseholes. I want to be carefree forever. You’ve liberated me Ben. You’re a hero. Many thanks. BTW you coming to do any talks north of the border?

Ben Emlyn-Jones said…

Robin, you and Kris are starting to sound a bit surreal. Are you a troll?

Kris said…

Dearest Benn, I am not a troll Ich bin ein Berliner. Sorry. Yes. Well, perhaps I am arguing in my freetime. If you must know you have become a bit of a hip person to talk about on our uni campus and we see how many nice things we can say to you and get published. We’ll disband tomorrow and leave you alone.

The end.

Robin said…

Hi again Ben. Honestly mate totally genuine. I love your work and hopefully one day we can meet up maybe when you do a talk in Scotland. You really should be aware of your status and modesty is always endearing but I think you should realise that you are loved by many people. Cheers. R

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