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PostSat May 17, 2014 4:52 pm » by Malogg

Yesterday at Robert Greens court hearing there was planned chaos by the SCUM yeap canni make this up

For one maggs shaw got an autistic man assaulted and removed from court

this is the verily truth what happened there was 5 of Roberts supporters standing in the corridor and two other men one a young chap in a suit that was up and another man that looked like Gandalf in a seventies suit also up for something

we were all standing waiting quietly having a wee natter about things but total at peace been normal and then through the doors maggs strolled in the only HOAXER that turned up to court lol but there was others as Ima pointed out yeap this is where folks who are clueless to just how planned out these demons do things will get an insight into their tactics

Anyhow maggs went straight for me like a demon Ima gave her as much back as she was giving infact ima said how dare they publish stuff about my daughters case that had nothing to do with the SCUM

at this point maggs went into demon spaz mode she had her finger in my face for a while prodding inches away from my nose

Ima wanted to snap it off and nut the witch out but refrained myself anyhow much to the other folk that were there they seen this and all went at maggs with Gandalf and the other man standing there like WTF is going on here

A total moron of an officer came bursting out the court room doors hot headed in clown mode and grabbed the first person in front of him assaulting him whom was a man that Ima know as Scotty (This man was raped Christmas past by a known pedo he reported it to grampian police and they did nothing) while the officer was been heavy handed maggs stepped back out of sight behind the officer laughing yeap PE


she was there to cause a planned scene but it does not stop there outside the building Belinda was standing with the FREE ROBERT GREEN BANNER leafleting and talking to public but there was a few dodgy figures hanging about one was a hired camera man by the hoaxers and the other was a man acting dodgy trying not to be recognized yeap ya canni make this up



Ima tried to get a front profile of this man but failed as was nae sure if it was Denis Ima pointed this man whom stood out like a sore thumb in Aberdeen with a sun tan and was also acting dodgy about 100 to 200 yards down from the court trying not to be recognized lmao Belinda said Denis was a short man with dark hair well at least she thought so but agreed there was something about this man that was not right

personally Ima seen in his eyes that he was horrified at the banner and Belinda and others

Belinda asked me to try and get his pic to show Anne to ask her so Ima tried but he was evaiding the camera as much as possible

Ima only noticed him due to a man with a camera whom was not a newspaper photographer was taking pics of me and Belinda and others while trying to hide around the side of us out of sight pmsl FAIL

yeap so what does this say but to add there is even more to this story that Ima dunni need to share the now due to folks nae having a clue unless they are up to date with WTF is really going on eh lol

anyhow Robert is getting another hearing next Wednesday for his RELEASE the sheriff dropped the solemn single charge to a summary charge which means it will be held in a star chamber nae doubt or up in front of a single sheriff

Ima hope they are not tricking Robert back into another trial to re-jail him but of course the bail conditions that Ima heard are as draconian as the last time if not worse…

maggs came out of court looking for someone almost in tears yeap she was obviously looking for Denis … 5865_n.jpg

haha Ima called her a witch to get her attention to catch the look on her face eh

these 3 videos short indeed but are viewable and will let folk see how dodgy Denis was acting with this first one … =3&theater

this next ein was me trying to get a pic of Denis as he was leaving the scene because he knew ima sussed him out … =3&theater

this ein is maggs leaving court she went left with her head spazed out as she did she obviously had someone on her mind as she was going to turn right but turned left to go towards a bar called Archiebalds where Denis drinks but then did a 180 and went the other way as can be seen here … =3&theater

By the look on maggs worried face ima think her and denis have it going on eh…

this is Belindas report on it all >>> … -in-perth/


Blame the rock she has her faults

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