Pope Francis faces arrest during 2015 USA visit

December 14, 2014 6:58 pm

In video below, Theresa May has an investigation pending into child abuse and trafficking.  Price Charles requested a new law be passed which makes it illegal to investigate the actions and finances of the Monarchy.  The concerted cover-up coming out of Whitehall is clear.  Prince Charles is behind the new law.  The involvement of MPs in criminal activity will also be covered by the law.  Prince Charles is the prime thug, doing what he can to keep the crime family in place.  It will claim to be about privacy and confidentiality.

MPs are being questioned about these matters by electors now, and public knowledge is growing all the time.

A Dutch Peoples Tribunal has been set up to investigate child trafficking and ritual abuse.

Queen Elizabeth brought the Catholic way of silencing all accusations of child abuse against the church into the Anglican Church.

The HQ of the Hague Interpol was built by a mafia Ndrangeta company.  Interpol is deeply involved with the mob.

The Van Korla (?) brothers provide young male prostitutes to Queen Beatrix.  They provide the children for the child hunting parties.  Money is paid to Egyptians to film Dutch sex tourists who sleep with underage child prostitutes, same as in Bangkok, they were used to entrap Congressmen.  The paedophilia power structure includes the Vatican, the Monarchy, was started in the Secret Treaty of Verona 1779, Skull & Bones 1776 is founding of the head of the paedophilia networks.  (constant interruptions so hard to get it right).  Resource companies are very tied in.  Cargill -children raped, killed, kept in cages.

Child trafficking conferences under the guise of prevention are used for actual child trafficking.  The Pope is attending such a conference in Philadelphia in September 2015.  ITCCS hopes that oath-keepers will go ahead and arrest the Pope.  This might put him off from coming, or he could be arrested.  Common law sheriffs, and well-armed Police who are dedicated to saving children will be able to intervene.  More and more are joining the ranks of people who want to do their duty.

Land reclamations from the church are going ahead.  Majority of Canadians want a Republic.  A global shift is happening.  A spiritual renaissance, people realising their identity.  The Supreme Court and the Mounties in British Columbia are stood down.


The Roman Catholic Church is a criminal body.  The Pope is a convicted felon.

Common Law Sheriffs will arrest convicted criminal, “Pope Francis”, during September 2015 USA visit

An ITCCS / NewsInsideOut Breaking News Interview with Kevin Annett

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At3VBdT1WlY?feature=oembed]
December 8, 2014, New York City and Vancouver: Common law Sheriffs and Oath Keepers will arrest convicted child trafficking Pope Bergoglio during his planned September 2015 USA visit, according to ITCCS North American Field Secretary Kevin Annett.
pope-francis child trafficking rapist killer
His breaking interview, conducted with Alfred Webre and the NewsInsideOut network, also describes breakthroughs in establishing the supremacy of common law warrants in Canada, the establishment of the Republic of Kanata, and new revelations of ties between the Ndrangheta criminal syndicate, Interpol, and catholic child killing cults.
TAP – I add to this a inspiring interview on Alex Jones with musician Billy Corgan.  They see that most people are now awake in the US, as Kevin Annett says.  Their solution isn’t as defined as Kevin’s, but the knowledge of what’s going on, of the ability to be free in your mind, is good enough for now – while the controllers digitally assassinate artists who speak out against the Bush Al Qaeda war debt system, the chemtrails, the vaccines.

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