Martyn Symons Ugh –Poulton is so annoying. Thankfully she seems to be restricted to the ‘comments’ section.

The only thing Poulton is interested in is her own ego. Her Express ‘article’ demonstrates that she has not learnt anything from recent events and continues to jump in with both feet without being fully literate of the facts.

‘Past four decades’? Apparently she has been calling for an investigation into institutional paedophilia for the past four decades!

Forsooth!! Yon woman must be a time-bending witch!

Forty years ago she would have been 9 years old (born in 1964). Perhaps not an age at which one would be aware of such things – or did my friends and I lead a sheltered childhood!

She started in journalism primarily covering the hip-hop scene (as she was so fond of telling viewers ad nauseum during her short time at The People’s Voice’) in 1989 and continued in that sphere until 1997.

Poulton then went on to freelance, producing (non)memorable pieces such as ‘Move over, Barbie…’, ‘Mothers are raising a generation of wimps…’, ‘The Joys of (no) Sex’, ‘Did Twin Peaks captivate you in the same way it did me?’, ‘Beware the serial dating yummy mummy!’, and so the banality goes on (and there is plenty of it).

It wasn’t until fairly recently that Poulton discovered she could gain mileage for her own career by concentrating on a ‘niche’ market and telling anyone who would listen that she was some kind of ‘champion for the people’. And so the self-proclamation continued.

Interestingly, Poulton doesn’t seem to have actually DONE anything for any particular cause, or covered the subject of paedophilia until the past few years.

Now I am not too interested in maths other than how it affects my bank balance, but I have noticed a bit of an anomaly in Poultons calculations. Of course, I could be using some little known and generally weird method of calculation, but here it is:

40 years ago Poulton was 9 years-old.

In 1989 Poulton became a music journalist – 25 years ago.

In 1997 Poulton returned to journalism after the birth of her daughter – 17 years ago.

Since returning, she spent 3 years on the Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Show. (That could knock off another 3 years of her supposed ‘championing’ time)

In 2011 she had a column in the Daily Mail’s Right Minds section – which seems to be where she first started to dabble with the idea of paedophilia.

According to my calculations Poulton is writing total b*****cks – again in an attempt to present herself as something is not.

As for her comments in her latest article, it seems her only reference has been other equally unreliable press articles. ‘Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!’

Having watched Ms Poulton and read her articles, the only conclusion that can be reached is that she is come form of narcissist. 

An interesting aside is that journalism is one of the top ten professions preferred by psychopaths and those with severe narcissistic personalities – right up there with civil servants (Psychologist Kevin Dutton). Make of that what you will.



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