Still in Perth

Trying to report progress in Robert’s current situation is like trying to reassure the bride on the morning of the wedding that by midday the rain will have stopped and the sun will be out – things are looking a bit bleak right now but it’s all going to be fine, don’t worry!
So – what is positive or a ray of sunshine at this stage in a still rather cloudy scene, nearly 1 month since Robert was arrested and with still almost nothing happening? Well 1)  he hasn’t yet been moved to Peterhead right out on the North Sea coast, miles from anywhere and probably “reeking of fish” (in the words of my ‘Scottish reporter’), but is still in Perth, central Scotland with half a dozen very committed supporters within immediate range and others able to come without too much difficulty from slightly further afield; 2) he now has enough underwear & changes of socks to last him a decade let alone a hopefully brief incarceration in HMP Perth, thanks to your instantaneous response to the S.O.S. about him having wash out the 1 pair of socks & briefs he arrived in at the prison every evening in the hand-basin and 3) he is getting an average of 10 letters a day = 70 a week thanks to so many people’s very obvious affection for him and approval of what he has been trying to do to protect children and the disabled in Scotland, with knock-on effects over the whole of this still united UK; 4) he always seems to be completely his usual cheerful self when people visit or he calls them but he really misses his family, as is entirely normal – clearly Robert has not as yet been infected by nor is succumbing to the psycho-social pathology of those who have orchestrated his latest arrest and incarceration, who think it is quite OK that rape-crimes against children are not investigated and the perpetrators are allowed to go free. I now have 3 NAMES of those responsible for this latest arrest of Robert who obviously approve of and fully endorse psycho-social pathological activity involving children & the disabled and refute the need for any investigation of such but am I going to name them? not on your nelly (with apologies to Helen in Cornwall).
Our letters and cards and whatever we send for Robert to read (newspaper articles & online print-outs on relevant topics particularly please him) are hugely enjoyed and appreciated and as each of us multiple senders know, he loves to be able to write back to us and acknowledge each of our missives or any other contribution to his welfare but has fallen behind due to lack of sufficient STAMPS. So today there is a call for not just stamps of which he’s run short but preferably STAMPED (but not yet addressed) ENVELOPES, ie. SAEs without the addressed bit, as SAEs can only be used for the purpose intended. So please could several of us send him a batch of 10 SAEs minus addresses filled in, enclosed in a covering sheet on which you write for Robert Green and his prison number 125799 and “enclosed 10 1st class SAEs” to Robert Green No. 125799 HMP Perth, 3 Edinburgh Road Perth PH2 8AT.
On the negative side Robert’s family’s appointed private solicitor still hasn’t been able to visit him! It’s now nearly a month since Robert has been holed up in HMP Perth yet still his appointed solicitor has not been able to visit him.
TB continued 11 March 2014

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