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Mary Glindon, MP

Return My Children

    1. Luci Da Costa
    2. Petition by
      North shields, United Kingdom

My children are my family and a part of my life, I have done nothing wrong to warrant them being removed from me in such an unjust manner.
Please help my children come back to me. One child is 12 years old and the other is just a baby.  I miss them so mcuh, please ccould you help me. It been 5 month without them.
Public support could help to bring about a change in the law whereby there would be more transparency and honesty in the family courts.
This could. protect others from experiencing the same type of injustice which I have been subject to as a result of false statements, representation and reports from a court system which is out of control.
Mary Glindon, MP
Return My Children
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