Thanks to Bill and Pie & Mash love you, Joe & all victims SF (UK) part 6A (updated 14th April 2010) Second Family (UK) started off as a free support group for victims of the secret societies. SF became heavily infiltrated and our communications blocked. We’ve got our 8th wind. We have offered to talk to the Freemasons live on camera for six years and they ignore us. This is a major tactic of the Satanic Pagan Masonic Criminal Brotherhood aka Satan’s Army of Masons (or SAM for short), they will ignore you. SF can back up everything with undeniable evidence. We at SF do not condone hatred or revenge. This information is designed to help law abiding people to understand how the criminal secret societies work. SF will teach you the SAM secret codes and terminology. We will also teach you how the SAM recognise each other. SF recommends that you question and research everything. SAM (MAS) is also a code word using the name and will choose it even as a pet’s name. more later. Fact, SF have tried very hard to be open and diplomatic with SAM. You can’t communicate with a trained dog who is protecting a poisoned bone. It cannot and will not hear you, so be warned. If you are a member of SAM, stop being a puppet, cut the strings. Fact, all secret societies, cults and almost all religions are controlled by SAM, there are no different or independent groups. Google these SAM groups and terminology. SF will soon elaborate on these topics for your research. 601….. “PERPS” = perpetrators. These are the SAM possessed drones. All SAM initiates are well versed in this evil. 602….. “Gas lighting, where SAM sow seeds/lies/rumours into your head. Even it’s own members. 603….. Organised Gang-Stalking. The big corporations and hidden government hire SAM to persecute/destroy chosen people and/or businesses. 604….. Shriners, Jedi Masons, Raelians, 605….. SAM use Stasi tactics everyday to communicate, especially when they are collectively gang stalking innocent victims. 605….. Warning, most online forums are SAM controlled. The webmasters and moderators will be SAM place-men-women. Eg, David Icke exposes a lot of good articles but his SAM controlled forum has banned several of our our members and no reason was given, the same system at Satan’s “Above Top Secret” forum. 606….. Our friends at Legal Judicial Political Reformers has huge archives on SAM and their crimes. 607….. Blue is the primary colour of Freemasonry (Blue Degrees) followed by Yellow and Red. 608….. Order of Jesters 609….. The Burning Man Festival + Wicker Man, etc (don’t waste valuable time on these, see the bigger picture of how SAM works) 610….. Birds are very symbolic to SAM. Esp. the Eagle (USA), Owl (eyesight/night vision), Hawks (predators) and Robin (also used as a codename) Phoenix (rebirth), more later. How SAM recognise each other. Car parks to investigate, hospitals, councils, authorities, shopping centres, etc. Improvise. 611….. Go into any car park (esp. supermarkets) and look through the front windscreen for a small blue dot/circle/sticker on the back of the vehicle’s rear view mirror. They will not get a parking ticket or they will receive favouritism or if assistance needed. 612….. As above, look for the MOT logo on front windscreen (same one you see at MOT/Garages). This is the small blue square sticker with the 3 white triangles/pyramids. It does not have a garage name or phone number. We know SAM Perps over the years who have replaced their vehicles and MOT stickers. MOT is also “MOT” and is personified as a God of death (Wiki Semitic God) and SAM just loves death. They will also reverse the name to TOM which is SAM code to persecute chosen victims, etc. 613….. You see those plastic/rubber icons of Sunflowers and Mickey Mouse that are stuck on the top of vehicle ariels/antennas? They are all in the brotherhood via their initiated Dad or research Monarch (arch) Programming, MK-Ultra, etc. 614….. Here are the the 4 major letters used by SAM in their registration number plates V, X, Y, Z. They will actively buy a vehicle with these letters.The letter “V” represents the shape of the compass (square & compass). The letter “X” represents their star Sirius and the star also means “Eastern Star” a female member/wife of the brotherhood. Whenever you hear “She/he is a star, it is SAM code for their ears only. The letter “Y” represents their Horned God (look at the shape of “Y”). The letter “Z” represents Zion and we all know about the Zionist New World Order or Satan’s master plan. More on letters later or see our other articles. 615….. Also hanging on the rear view mirror, look for those small tree air fresheners. It will be mostly a Blue one, (SAM love trees and tree names, more later). Plus dices, blue dolphins and other plastic symbols. Look for cuddly toys on the dash or parcel shelf. 616….. Look for insignificant/faded circles/squares/triangle/stickers on front/rear screens. The circle means “Inside The Circle” and the square means “On The Square” (on the take) and the triangle is the symbolic pyramid. Again, they will move these stickers to a their latest bought vehicle. 617….. The Scotland flag is totally Masonic, both of them. St. Andrews flag and the Lion Rampant so be observant with the Scottish flag stickers (& on No Plates) on vehicles and flags on buildings. Go to Bibliotecapleyades for esoteric knowledge on St. Andrews flag, we’ll give you more later. Have you noticed the push for Scotland to be called Alba again ? It’s an anagram for their God Baal. Some of this appears crazy but SF can back up everything we say. SF guarantees these are definite brotherhood codes and recognitions. We have documented undeniable proof. We are showing you the previously invisible. See our older posts all over the Net. Be sensible about recognising SAM and their vehicles as someone could have innocently bought the car unknowingly. When you do recognise these drones, do nothing (remember dogs with a poisoned bone) but document it for the sake of the law abiding community, educate each other for now. SF can guarantee that SAM is rapidly imploding thanks to the good guys. Incidentally, google “Masonic diversion tactics” to read on how SAM get out of all situations. Fact, just one SAM member will take you to their whole gang. The same evil tactics are used by all affiliated groups. SAM are guaranteed a job for life as long as they perform for the brotherhood. Fact, SAM call us “the profane” (the uninitiated) they actually see us as dirty and fair game for persecution. It’s so easy for them as all we do is trust them. They are very cunning (the Fox is pagan/masonic symbol) as we don’t know they have ulterior motives. See SF’s how SAM use Numerology and Gematria. research Masonic Occultic Numerology. How SAM use letters from the ancient and modern alphabets. How SAM use ordinary words and twist them into code, e.g.. Horse = Horus (their false God aka as Ra) Plus precious stones and metals names and codes. SAM uses colours as codes-names, more later. Incidentally, SF knows of SAM professionals who are not using their real names. Seriously, Satan is alive and not well, he is going down. He wants to destroy this beautiful planet before he goes. He presently resides inside Fingal’s Cave on the Isle of Staffa in the west of Scotland. Staffa and the neighbouring Isle of Mull are very important to the pagan/masons. Scotland is the new Jerusalem and that’s why SAM has been working hard to mind controlled the Scots for millennia. Scotland is also the spiritual home of Freemasonry. Google “ELs, Atlantis, Scotland and Egypt” by our friend Andrew T Hennessey. This is how the SAM hypnotise each other and will help you to break into their SAM agenda, codes and terminology. Friends of Second Family (UK), Dr. Henry Makow (a brilliant Jewish Christian), Jeff Rense and his great team of writers, Legal Judicial Political Reformers (brave Scottish truthers), The Truth Seeker, Ken Adachi, David Icke, John Harris, Paul A Drockton, The Palestine Telegraph, etc. Too many to list here (more later). Forget the SAM rumours about who is genuine or an agent. Lets not help SAM with their divide and conquer. As long as you know who YOU are (we are one) and what you do is best for this beautiful planet and its contents. Remember “Robert The Bruce and the Spider”. Never EVER give up finding ways to win. SF is guaranteed incorruptible and free. Genuine truthers and victims world wide will testify for us. You can help others by forwarding these SF exposes to all. Print out copies and distribute. Do nothing and SAM wins. Be ruthless “Douglas, Douglas” fight SAM for your FR33DOM. Use the law to defeat them, we pay the taxes. Use your initiative and keep improvising. Don’t vote in the UK or it will just be the same, us being controlled by SAM legal crooks. We need a hung Parliament which would be in our favour. Google “Freemasonry is a criminal organisation” Be focused, there ARE good Cops, Journalists, Politicians, Military, NHS staff, Councillors and professionals. However, there are no good Bankers or large corporations. Why do we have to pay tax when SAM can just print money? They alone are destroying the planet faster than we can repair it. Even dead Rothschild’s can’t count their money, Satan uses it to keep his fire burning. Here comes a FLOOD of good people to put the fire out. Finally, for the SAM skeptics. If you think SF have fabricated anything, just google “Hollie Greig” If this story does not make you physically sick then you are as deranged as the SAM professional? members who are trying to cover it up. SF respects Hollie’s mother Anne Greig and recognise her as a true warrior and fighter for justice. We are 100% behind you Hollie, Anne. In loving memory of Anne’s (murdered by SAM) brother and Hollie’s uncle. Special praise to rabid investigator Robert Green who should be running the UK Government. SF apologies for not being able to communicate individually as extremely busy. If you want more SF exposes, search online or email secondfamilyuk@me.com or joe.stirling@ntlworld.com or write (SSAE for replies) to us at SF, 93 Ashburn Road, Glasgow G62 7PQ Scotland. Anonymous communications ignored and beware of SAM infiltrators pretending to be SF. Please do not send evidence. Ultimately, if you have an open mind, find a personal relationship with Yeshua (not the criminal elite’s edited one). Keep away from the (mind controlled) money factories, aka churches. Who can you trust when your body suit turns to dust ? There is much more to life and death as you could ever imagine. For comfort and further understanding, google David Wilcock at Divine Cosmos, nobody dies but you will be judged. This rePORT is brought to you by Joe Stirling on behalf of good chosen people everywhere.

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