As Scotland Yard / entire national Plod Squad are as suspect in the Woolwich false flag attack fiasco as the rest of the establishment scumsters I’m petitioning the government to filed a Parliamentary debate / inquiry to evaluate Chris’s documented / photographic evidence independently.
Petition reaches critical mass point at 100,000 signatures and as I’ve just filed it, apparently takes up to 7 days to be ‘approved’ (?) and posted.
So let’s provide Chris with the all-out support he needs and so truly deserves for his tireless and unstinting efforts.
Woolwich 22/2/2013 Terrorist Attack a False Flag

The brilliantly researched documented / photographic evidence that the Woolwich terrorist attack on Lee Rigby was a badly scripted security services set up using useful idiot B actors and the two ‘Michaels’ as patsies – is presented in various evolving articles on Chris Spivey’s weblog.
This evidence will be presented to Scotland Yard in a bid to have them investigate the false flag allegation. However, as it is believed the Woolwich deceit involves various government departments, then the police are as suspect as MI5 / MI6 and 10 Downing Street.

Hence we are petitioning for an open Parliamentary inquiry to evaluate this evidence with the integrity and scruples the public are entitled to expect from their elected representatives, and report their findings to the House of Conmans assembly devoid of ambiguities and free of all D Notice interests of national security encumbrances and impediments.

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