BBC rumoured to be keen on doing a remake of Pole to Pole with Keith Vaz replacing Michael Palin
  1. Obviously Keith Vaz was bored with the children they’ve got chained up in the Houses of Parliament basement.
  2. Keith Vaz has stepped down very quickly. Hopefully there are some more funny Vaz adventures yet to emerge.
  3. After paying for his upcoming divorce and loss of job I don’t think Keith Vaz will be hiring anymore rent boys for a while.
  4. Keith Vaz brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “Spit and Polish”
  5. If he cheats on his wife, then he isn’t going to think twice about deceiving anybody else. Keith Vaz
  6. Keith Vaz will be forgotten when it comes out that George Osborne can handle four rent boys at a time. That hi viz is really a bib.
  7. A favourite meal of Keith Vaz is Pork Biryanus.
  8. Looks like the Teflon has eventually worn off, after years of protection from scandal, it is no more. Poor old Keith Vaz.
  9. No wonder the seats in Parliament and Lords are wipe clean, it’s because of the dirty, immoral bastards that inhabit those places Keith Vaz
  10. Keith Vaz insists it was a racially motivated gang rape and he’s just a victim of the system.
  11. If he eventually resigns, the BBC seems his likely destination. Coloured, different religion, bisexual, sexual deviant ticks all the boxes.
  12. A man at each end = spit roast. Is that why Keith Vaz looks overdone like a suckling pig.
  13. The same Keith Vaz who led a Muslim protest against Rushdie and his “immoral” book.

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