Peter Hofschroer Court Appearance on 15th December York Crown Court

Peter Hofschroer Court Appearance on 15th December York Crown Court

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Peter Hofschroer has been arrested on Alleged  trumped up charges of possessing child abuse material on a computer. From everything that we already knew from Peter, it is a set up because he has been speaking out about institutionalised corruption in North Yorkshire, with links to Jimmy Savile and also his brother, Robert, who works with the deaf. His brother has abused his parents physically and financially. Robert was supposed to be caring for the invalid parents while Peter was living in Austria, but Peter returned home to find them in a state of extreme neglect.  The father has since died (2009), and Peter had to take his mother to his home in Austria in order to protect her from his brother who had threatened to kill her and Peter and who was violent towards them.

The brother who, after all, is only a social worker, mobilized authorities to chase Peter and his mother across international boundaries and make their lives hell for years. He reported his mother as having been kidnapped.
Some months back, Peter advised us that they were all trying to set him up on various false charges. One was a firearms charge (he had antique weapons that could not fire), another was material allegedly found on a computer. He believed the material was planted by people wishing to protect an international paedophile ring from his exposure. He had been speaking out about North Yorkshire involvement with Jimmy Savile, and about police and council corruption.
He ultimately started a private prosecution against his brother, Robert, and his family because Robert had pursued Peter and his mother to Germany (where he had moved to after Austria), seized his mother – wheelchair bound, 85 years old, invalid – and taken her to England.  Peter was legally her Power of Attorney and carer, and not Robert, and Peter was doing a good job. Peter feared for his mother’s health and life while under Robert’s jurisdiction, and he had to get her returned to his care. He started the private prosecution case.
The courts would not allow him to give evidence via Skype. As a result, he felt he had to risk going to England for the private prosecution case, in the full knowledge that he would most likely be arrested on the false charges. This is exactly what happened, and they made sure that they arrested him BEFORE the start of the court case against his brother.
What we need is boots on the ground at York in order to protect Peter.
His situation is now EXTREMELY GRAVE and we are asking for people to show a strong presence in York Crown Court on December 15, 2014. The times are usually set for 10.00 a.m., but subject to change. It is best to check the court listings the afternoon before (maybe at 4.00 p.m.) to find the exact time. It will be Regina v Hofschroer.
The listings can be checked here:
Address is here:
There is more information about the case here:
Will you please circulate this to large groups and individuals, and do your very best to attend. It is going to be very high profile case with potentially dire consequences for Peter once the corrupt system goes to town. We need as many people in that court room as possible to ensure that justice is done. Peter has no lawyer and will be representing himself. It will be a very lonely position to be in without support from other activists.
Please help.

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