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David Cameron Failed Promise – “To protect children from inappropriate sexualisation”

Hollie and Anne Greig at the Royal (Kangeroo) Courts of Justice London
Back in February 2010 David Cameron promised to protect children against the growing threat of ”inappropriate sexualisation”. Unveiling a range of party measures aimed at giving children back their childhood, Mr. Cameron said on GMTV ”We all know as parents, I have got two young children and there will be many watching this programme, that you do your best as parents but there is a lot of pester power going on.”
”What we are saying is that you can’t cut children off from the commercial world, of course you can’t, but we should be able to help parents more in terms of trying to make sure that our children get a childhood and that they are not subject to unnecessary and inappropriatecommercialisation and sexualisation too young. This is what this should be about.”
So Mr. Prime Minister what about dealing with the huge peodophilia problem that haunts this country doesn’t that come under you range of party measures and if not why not?
Wouldn’t you agree that this certainly falls within your “Inappropropriate Sexualisation” and most certainly “takes away their childhood which is the very thing you are aiming to protect.”?
You stated that you were outlining proposals for punitive measures against firms found flouting rules against targeting youngsters.
What about outlining your proposals to take measures against peodophiles who target youngsters?
He went on to say “I’ve been leader of the Conservative Party now for over four years. I made an early speech about this. Four years ago, I started talking about the problems of sexualisation of children”…………let’s just hold it there Mr., Cameron………did these four years allow you to investigate or understand the level of peodophilia in this country, that has now reached plague proportions throughout the United Kingdom  and even within your own Westminster…….are you aware of this and if not why not because your predecessors Tony Blair and Gordon Brown certainly did and refused to act upon the lists that were handed to them whilst in office? I wonder where those lists are now and how many copies have been distributed around safe houses and overseas outlets?……Gee I bet there are a few people that would like to know!!
This next part of his comments that morning certainly brings things into perspective when he quoted: “I’ve always said, and I think I’ve been consistent about this over the last four years, that if you want to stand to be prime minister, you are asking people to make a big decision.
“I think you should open up and answer questions where you feel appropriate and let people have a look at you and your life and all the rest of it.
I’ve always been quite comfortable in doing that. In the end, what matters is the substance, the policies, the things you are going to change in the country, but I think people do have a right to ask you questions and I’ve tried to be as open as I can.”
Oh really Mr. Cameron that’s a fairly bold statement to make and so in true “Brit Style” I now ask you a question based of the above quote “I’ve always been quite comfortable in doing that” and as you rightfully said  “I do have the right to ask questions”…….my question would be: “are you aware of the Hollie Greig story and the subsequent murder of her Uncle” and “are you aware of the connection between the same paedophile ring  and the Dunblane Massacre.”?
It may be appropriate to remind you of the Hollie Greig story which you can read on the following link:
You may also find interesting two more articles on the topic as per links:
And this follow-up story and update on Hollie Greig:
I appreciate that you are a very busy man but surely when you have implemented a policy or maybe about to launch yet another policy to protect families and children you would (or your advisors would) look into the current state of affairs so as to form the basis of such a policy.
Both the two previous Prime Ministers received documentation listing those that could be considered a security risk to this country from the FBI that was briefly published and then removed. This was followed by another list highlighting the problem in Wales and yet in both cases were not acted upon……..could it be that the above two themselves were implicated in some way?
So Mr. Big Society, that is so determined to bring ethics back into family life, what are you going to do about the very topic that destroys it i.e. peodophilia?
Once must recall your own words that morning when you said:
“As I say, in the end you are asking a really big thing of people, saying trust me, trust my team to come and bring change to the country. All you can do is what you think is right, that’s what I’ve always tried to do.”
Mr. Cameron I again ask you “do you think paedophilia is right”? if your answer is no then what are you going to do about the Hollie Greig case and events that lead to the murder of her uncle and what are you going to do about opening up an investigation into the Dunblane Massacre of many small children that obviously knew too much about the paedophiles that haunted their school and the member of that satinic group that shot them?
As you said David “I have always tried to do what is right”………so get up off your arse and do something that is right for this country and protect these vulnerable children!!
No doubt you may be asking where do I start…..well obviously Hollie Greig would be a good starter and pulling in people like Sheriff Buchanan and Lord Robinson would really give you such valuable information……..then you could nip over the border and have a chat to your old jousting partner Alex Salmond, Kenny MacKaskill and that conniving Elish Angiolina…….boy that would open up a can or worms……not forgetting a side trip to the Grampian Police HQ etc.
 ”Yes Lord Robertson you will be long gone but your illustrious name will blemished forever”
It is clear that your popularity is now falling by the wayside but Mr. Prime Minister I can assure you that if you want to excel and move back to the front again such a bold move by yourself could well give you that edge you are looking for…… the event that you do not take up this challenge then obviously you are not worthy of retaining your position as Prime Minister of this country……as they say what goes around comes around!!
In closure Mr. Family man I would ask you one simple question… would you feel as a parent to know that your “Down Syndrome” child had been gang raped by persons in high places that cruelly led to your child having terrible lesions that were bleeding both back and front and who then contracted a sexually transmitted disease……how would you feel Mr. Cameron?
I leave this terrible case to your own conscience and hope that compassion prevails….that is assuming you have any!!
Your eyes appear a bit watery….maybe there is some compassion there somewhere?
Surely you remember the lost of your own dear son………multiply this over 50,000 times  in Canada alone where the indigenous Indians lost many of their children as did many indigenous Aboriginals in Australia and too numerous to mention those that died and suffered in so called religious care homes around the world!!……..I again ask the same question David what are you going to do about this?
Oh before closing I must add that this was also a pet baby for Ed Balls, the then Childrens Secretary,  when he made the following statement:  “The commercialisation and sexualisation of children is an issue I raised in the Children’s Plan two years ago when I became Children’s Secretary and it’s good to have David Cameron’s support because this is something which concerns all parents and is not an issue for party politics.”
All I can say to Ed is “What a load of Balls Mr. Balls”…..and just think he was and could still be thinking about running for the top job…….. “Dream on Ed” !!!!
Don’t even attempt to place your vote with the opposition thinking that they will clear up this peodophilia because it is rife in all parties! One could dare ask the question of all our politicians “who of you are Freemasons?….you then may find the source of the problem!!
Stay tuned for an expose on our Prime Minister’s “Big Society Plan”……..would you trust them?………..from what Gordon Bowden and I know most certainly not…….remember fraud and corruption prevails!!
Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 6/4/2012

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