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AMISS, M’LORD: Property, paid work, links to big business &
professions not included in judges’ declarations on Courts &
Tribunals Service Board register

Declarations in register reveal few details on judiciary. THE LATEST declarations by a select few powerful judges
who control the running of Scotland’s Courts – is more revealing in
what is missing from the limited disclosures in the latest annual report
of Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service (SCTS).
Ruling over our courts in their ermine robes – in
some cases decades longer than any Prime Minister could hope to remain
in office – the handful of judicial declarations after years on the
bench and millions in taxpayers cash – are even in some cases even less
than newly minted msps cobble together in their first few weeks at
This year, Scotland’s current top judge, the Lord
President & Lord Justice General – Lord Carloway – (real name Colin
Sutherland), has but one declaration (Trustee, Scottish Arts Club) – dwarfing the vast listing of directorships & positions of his predecessor – Lord Brian Gill.
Lord Carloway
(62) was appointed to the Court of Session since 2000. Sixteen years
later, and now in the top job – his salary is currently listed in the UK Government guidance on judicial salaries as of 1 April 2016 as £222,862.00.

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