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    Glasgow High Court: Rafferty admitted attempted murder at the court.
    Graeme Docherty: A woman discovered videos of his sexual abuse on his mobile phone.© STV

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    A sex attacker was caught after a mother discovered videos of the sexual abuse of a three-year-old boy on a mobile phone, a court heard.
    The woman had earlier borrowed a handset belonging to Graeme Docherty in Ayrshire.
    Docherty had previously filmed himself abusing the child while apparently looking after him at a house in Kilmarnock.
    At the High Court in Glasgow, a judge was told that the 32-year-old had no memory of what happened.
    But Docherty pled guilty to raping the boy as well as a child abuse charge.
    The court heard that, in March last year, the woman was looking for a new mobile phone and Docherty told her he had an old one that she could have.
    She later checked the phone and found a two-minute clip of a boy being sexually assaulted.
    The woman recognised the man in the footage as having the same build as Docherty.
    She confronted Docherty, but he told her: “No, no – that’s not right” and pleaded with her not to get the police involved.
    However, she ignored his pleas and when officers watched the clip, Docherty was further identified by his dragon-style tattoo.
    Derrick Nelson, defending, told the court that Docherty had “no recollection” of the abuse, but “in light of the evidence” accepted that he was guilty.
    Mr Nelson added: “He cannot begin to understand why he was involved in these activities. He is absolutely appalled.”
    Docherty was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on August 11 at the High Court in Edinburgh.
    He was also placed on the sex offenders register.

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