18 paedophile teachers abused boys at George Osborne’s old school St Paul’s

The detective who headed the Jimmy Savile inquiry is to investigate claims that up to 18 paedophile teachers abused dozens of young boys over five decades at a top public school.
Detective Inspector David Gray, who led the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Yewtree, will command an investigation into claims that staff sexually abused pupils as young as nine as St Paul’s School in central London and its preparatory school Colet Court.
Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne is among the former pupils of St Paul’s, which was established in 1509 and is considered one of the leading schools in the country.

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3 responses to “18 paedophile teachers abused boys at George Osborne’s old school St Paul’s

  1. ivor balanitis

    The cummings report came out against the employment of homosexual teachers, this was ata sensitive time for government and the report wa sshelved and only those copies that were sent to senior social workers escaped the crusher.
    It was unfortunate that the report was commissioned only after finding horrific abuse in barnados homes and other orphanages by homosexual teachers

  2. ian bormann

    you people love to denigrate homosexuals, ok they want sex with boys so what ? many boys deserve what they get
    get a life please you eople

  3. helen johnston

    Mr Bormann, you dont seem to realise the damage done first psychologically to abused boys, many cant ever talk about the horror of what was done to them, many commit suicide, it robs them of their indivuality and sexual response for life.
    I dont care if you are homosexual, please understand it is a very grave matter to rob any child of their innocence

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