Peaches Geldof’s £1million ghost house lies empty – with just a pram parked by the door

Rubbish and weeds clog the drive to the house where the 25-year-old overdosed on heroin lies just as it was on the day that her body was discovered

The £1million country home where Peaches Geldof ­overdosed on heroin lies seemingly just as it was on the day that her body was discovered.
A pram is parked forlornly by the door, a haunting reminder that the tragic 25-year-old was a mum of two, reports the Sunday People.
Rubbish and weeds clog the drive and autumn leaves drift across an abandoned playhouse and slide in the garden.
A neighbour said: “When you see Peaches’ house looking virtually ­untouched, it brings back what ­happened.
“It is all so very sad.”

Tragic: Land Registry files show Peaches as sole owner

It has been reported that Peaches’ heartbroken widower Tom Cohen never returned to the house after her death.
The sprawling property in a pretty village in Kent is not thought to be for sale.
Land Registry files still show TV ­presenter Peaches, daughter of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, as sole owner.
Tom is said to be staying with the couple’s children Astala, two, and Phaedra, one, at his parents’ home in South East London.

The former rock band singer, 24, has rarely been seen in public since he returned from a weekend trip on April 7 to find his wife dead.
An inquest in July heard that Peaches had taken a heroin overdose 10 times higher than the one that killed her Big Breakfast presenter mother Paula at age 41 in a similar tragedy in 2000.
Coroner Roger Hatch said she was trying to wean herself off drugs and had been clean months before her death but had relapsed.
Band Aid boss Bob, 63, has spoken of his “intolerable” pain.

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