The People v Borgoglio, Pachon, Welby and Others

Yesterday in my blog posting of 15th April 2014 entitled St Bede’s College in Manchester and the Salford Diocese – Part 2, I got into an unseemly spat with one of my commentators, who goes under the pseudonym of Old Bedian.  Normally he and I agree with everything that has and is going on in the Catholic Church and at St Bede’s College in Manchester in particular.
In his comment he considered that Pope Francis had his heart in the right place.  I countered with the fact that I did not consider he had a heart at all and to study the evidence being brought out at the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels at its Tribunal Into Crimes of Church and State.  Old Bedian immediately replied saying it is just a one man blog.  Stung by this dismissive reply, I gave him a few facts but he remained entrenched.
Well this morning, one of the most influential voices on the alternative media published a report on the findings of this court.  The Tap is that influential that they could not sully their reputation by publishing stuff that they thought not true or insubstantial.  This report started with the headline “Church leaders chop up baby on altar and eat it.  Pope Francis participates.  The truth is bursting free and cannot be stopped”
It goes on to say that in the present case before the Court viz, The People v Bergoglio (The Pope), Pachon (The head of the Jesuit Order), Welby (The Archbishop of Canterbury) and Others are charged with global child trafficking and ritual murder, it has adjourned for two weeks after hearing evidence from eight witnesses.
Two witnesses had described their rape in 2009 and 2010 by Jorge Borgoglio at horrific cult functions connected tothe Ninth Circle child sacrifice network.  The Ninth Circle is a Jesuit inspired organization that deals in satanic abuse of children which was founded in 1773 and each new pope since then is obliged to take part.  This evidence has been taken from Jesuit secret archives.
The same archive makes reference to a child sacrificial cult called The Knights of Darkness, established by the Nazis in 1933 with Jesuit backing.  It mentions Joseph Ratzinger as a SS chaplain’s assistant taking part in these sacrificial rites using children taken from political prisoners at Ravensbruk concentration camp.
This week a senior Vatican official requesting strict anonymity and security has offered key evidence to the court concerning the chief defendents.
Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is named because the Church of England was involved in these rituals, especially in Canada where the killing of Mohawk children in Ontario at a reservation school took place.  A fact that the Canadian government admitted to last week and which also implicates the British, Dutch and Belgian royal families.
So read and also go to and then Old Bedian and any other doubters come back to me and say it is all tosh.  As an afterthought also google, and iclcj court records, and iclcj court cases for an in depth appreciation of the work this court is doing.

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  1. William Graham says:
    Hi Paul, WTF, I’m speechless, it’s just too sick to contemplate. How can you expect normal, sleepy-headed, reality TV pundits to even allow you to discuss this, whether they are RC or royalists. I would not even consider discussing this with my good lady, Anne. This is another topic with the myriad of other horror stories coming out apropas this ball we are all inhabiting that nearly has you reaching for the razor blades!
    Can these cretins really get away with this? Surely one of the MSM has balls to blow the whole thing wide-open. Then again if they do it would be treated as another conspiracy theory and the fucked-up fitbawheids would just switch channel.
    Hold Fast, Jim.
  2. PaulMalpas says:
    There is worse yet to come, when a government like Canada has admitted to the murder of circa 70,000 indigenous children over the last 40 years in religious run schools it makes you think what other countries are doing. Annett thinks that the Catholic church is the most corrupt organization in the world and some day soon it will all come out, If you are a Catholic, like I once was, get out quickly before you become tarred with the same brush.
  3. Linda says:
    Whatever ITCCS may be, its IP address is in Houston, Texas, not in Europe, so its claim that it is based in Brussels seems dubious. It does not run its own independent website, as any important organization would, but instead uses a website hosting company, Websitewelcome.
    Based on those facts alone, ITCCS does not seem like an entity that deserves to be taken very seriously.
    While it is true that sometimes you can glean snippets of truth in even the most unlikely places, I would be wary of any claims made on that site, unless they are corroborated elsewhere.
    “Ritual murder of children” is a claim that has been made against Christians, on and off, since the second century, but I don’t think any solid evidence has ever emerged – and 19 centuries is a long time to wait for evidence.
  4. Old Bedian says:
    Sorry Paul. Still don’t buy it. All of your references go back to one single source viz “Rev” Kevin Annett, a former priest of the United Church of Canada who was defrocked by his church back in 1996. So my premise still stands. His organisation is a one man blog, his common law arrest warrants aren’t recognised in any sovereign state and any attempts by some individuals to enforce them have come to nothing. I suspect that Kevin Annett has been strongly influenced by the works of this gentleman.
    I respect your views, Paul. I don’t rubbish them. You’re fully entitled to them. I concede that you’ve hit the nail squarely on the head on some issues. We do agree on the issues you mention but I don’t think that there is an International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. I think it’s just in Kevin Annett’s head.
  5. PaulMalpas says:
    You did not believe me about sexual abuse at St Bede’s either. Free your mind of everything you have been taught and only then will you realise.
  6. PaulMalpas says:
    We will see, we will talk again on the matter in two years time.
  7. Linda says:
    Look up the IP address and its location for yourself. And likewise for the web hosting company. (Don’t just take my word for it.) Then draw your own conclusions.
    I changed my mind on the abuse at St Bede’s because some solid evidence came along: personal testimony from “Ken Horne” (the name he was using at the time). I will change my mind about ritual murder of children if – but only if – someone produces solid evidence. At the moment, there isn’t any. (I know that children of Native Americans in Canada were dreadfully abused in catholic institutions for many year – that is well documented – but your claims seem to be going far beyond that.)
    And, incidentally, I have a “freer mind”, less constrained by convention, than most people do. It’s hard not to, when you are transgender.
  8. PaulMalpas says:
    All I can say to you guys and gals is that I am much further down the road
  9. Danny says:
    Its worth noting that America has freedom of speech built into its constitution whilst most of Europe will lock you up in solitary for stating the obvious about our lovely jewish friends profiting off the mass slaughter of world war 2.
    Look up cognitive dissonance. It should be of particular interest to you…

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