The Sentencing Of Timothy Rustige.

The time is getting closer to the sentencing of Timothy Rustige, which will be in the Sheriff’s Court in beautiful masonic Aberdeen.  The date is fixed, March 27th at 10.00am for another massive miscarriage of justice, an everyday event of course in polluted, abuse ridden Bonny Scotland.
Timothy went down to Stretford on Monday to put himself through the ordeal of interview with local social workers so that theycould appraise him for a social report requested by the Sheriff, one Pyle, of the Crown Prosecution Service of Scotland.  Why he bothered was a waste of time for all involved as Timothy’s renowned defence team of Morrison/Moggach had told Timothy already that Pyle was going to give him the maximum under the court, of 12 months imprisonment, social report or no social report.  They also insolently warned him not to be stupid and do a runner.  Do they not understand that as a martyr he can do more damage inside than he possibly could thousands of miles away.

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