Paedophilia: From The White House To Buckingham Palace.

A call from the Garrigue

Paedophilia: From The White House To Buckingham Palace.

no mistake about it. The ‘Mob’ is crawling out of its slime, in massive
numbers, to smear Donald Trump but they are not doing very well. In the
recent debate, when a smug Hillary Clinton thought she had Donald Trump
up against a wall, she had a nasty surprise as did her predatory
husband, ‘Slick Willy. When Trump laid bare, in front of the years
largest television audience, the dirty truth about the Clinton’s.

was a good example of why those whom have the most to hide, should keep
their mouths shut about the ‘alleged’ deeds of others. However these
revelations about the sordid nature of the Clinton’s’ did not even get a
mention on the television News all of it being totally ignored. What
does that tell you about the bias of the ‘controlled by the Mob’ media
across the world?

have now dug out some jaded old woman, who has made claims about Trump,
of an event which took place before most of Trump’s supporters were
even born, and about which the woman has remained silent ever since.

passage of time has affected her memory of the interior of the plane,
where the ‘attack,’ allegedly, took place, making her version of this
event impossible. Plus the fact that the telephone number necessary to
contact her was the number of the headquarters of the Clinton campaign

is allowing this event to be ‘outed” having learned nothing from the
previous ‘leak,’ even as her ex-bodyguard is on television, revealing
the dirt on both her and her husband, who was a well-known stalker, when
in the White House. Where he freely molested the entire female staff.
The episode with Monica Lewinsky was no more than the tip of the

latest stupidity, which is a sign of sheer panic, is to launch the
man/woman Michael/Michelle Obama/Soetoro on to the TV screens of the
world, she is pretending to be appalled because Trump had said to a
pretty little girl, something in the order of, “You are so pretty I will
be looking to date you when your older.” It takes an exceptionally
dirty mind to find fault with that. It must be obvious that Trump was
giving her a little compliment. Besides which, Michael has two adopted
children growing up in a virtual whorehouse, without any apparent problem.

being so, why is Obama allowing his Gay lover, one amongst many I might
add, to make such statements, even as images of his good self, in a
clip called “Bonergate” are surfacing, in which he is wiggling his
‘hard-on’ in front of ‘unshocked’ women. But what a dirty thing to do!
Come on let’s hear the shock of the world about this bit of rubbish.

all honesty can you believe the depth of hypocrisy coming out of the
mouths of these two women? One of them a bisexual predatory lesbian and
the wife of a man whom has raped and molested unknown numbers of women
and allegedly children, on film, and both of them, Slick Willy and
Hillary are War Criminals.

the other is the Gay Lover of bi-sexual whom is himself of dubious
character, whom has been accused by a ‘still living’ Gay partner of
various strange killings of previous lovers and excessive cocaine use,
who was brought up in a society where paedophilia is acceptable and
where Genital Mutilation of young female children is rampant. He is of
course, like the Clinton’s a War Criminal. and the current President of
the Untied States.

was recently forced to rescind remarks which both he and Hillary
Clinton had made about the origins of Obama. Both of them suggesting
that he was not born in the USA. Obama presented the world with a
composite birth certificate, which did not correspond to the style of
other certificates from the same period and was quite obviously a
forgery. A reality clearly visible to all of those whom have bothered to
give it a sideways glance.

that is from journalists and other folk whom have been deceiving the
world about Obama from the day he suddenly turned up out of nowhere, to
be elected as President.

people, including me, were educated, to in some way, accept the
Government as being ‘in charge’ and that they have some sort of ‘right’
to tell us what to do.

fact they can only get away with this nonsense because they have put in
place a system, which is basically two-sided, of which a hidden group
has taken control of both of those sides, a system which makes it
extremely difficult to bring about any change.

the United States, Donald Trump has managed to get around this
two-party stranglehold and is now standing as an Independent in all but

response to Trump’s appeal to the American people is, in some way,
similar to that of Jeremy Corbyn in the United Kingdom, where Corbyn has
suffered from the same back-lash from traitors in the ranks of the
Socialist Party as has Trump with the Republicans. However there is a
chasm of difference between Corbyn and Trump when it comes to policy,

wants less immigration into the USA, while he sets about bringing the
factories back from overseas, while Corbyn is in favour of more and more
immigration and he is a supporter of the lie of man-made global warming
and CO2 reduction,  which is designed to destroy European Industry.

is working to a program which came from the depths of the Tavistock
Institute, the London School of Economics and the Fabian Society, he is a
wolf in sheep’s clothing and a waste of time, whereas there is some
hope that Trump is his own man.

as are all politicians in the United Kingdom, gagged by Political
Correctness, which is interfering with the legal system because it is
now ‘racist’ to suggest that Muslims, in many parts of the world treat
their male children as sex objects, who are free to be sodomised by

adults whom have been reared in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan,
practice this filth. Many men with this attitude to children, are now
living in the United Kingdom, where there is an enormous problem of

woman who was in charge of an inquiry into past cases of, paedophilia,
was attacked by the press and politicians, for remarking that there was
an overdose of paedophilia in the UK because of the presence these
Muslim men.

suggestion, even as the same group of heathens is already under
investigation for Female Genital Mutilations, Honour Murders and the
unmentionable rape of thousands of very young girls and the sodomising
of young boys, is a piece of truth too far.

letting slip this truth the woman has been hounded by the ‘appalled’
Press, mainly because of the dozens of Members of the House, whom are
‘doing as they are told’ to save being outed for paedophilia, which so
rampant in the UK that even The Prince of Wales himself and his uncle
the Lord Mountbatten and yes his father The Duke of Edinburgh have all
been implicated.

would be because of their longstanding association with the ‘Fixer’
Jimmy Savile, whom did himself enjoy a touch of necrophilia, in the
mortuaries of hospitals in which he offered his services.

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