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The video above refers to murders by ‘Satanists’ in Idaho, in the USA.

Many institutions around the world have been infiltrated by ‘Satanists’, who often have links to the security services.


Eight-year-old Vishal Mehrotra (above) was abducted less than a mile from the Elm Guest House boy brothel in London.

Vishal was murdered.

In February 1982, part of Vishal’s skeleton was found in woodland in West Sussex.

Vincent S. aged 10 yrs, from Grafton Children’s Home, was taken toElm Guest House (above) and to a house in Bexhill, in Sussex. BISHOP BALL, SAVILE, ELM GUEST HOUSE …

Vishal’s father says that the UK police covered up evidence that Vishal’s murder was carried out by top people in the UK government.

Father says police covered up son’s murder by top government child abuse ring.

Elm Guest House has been linked to MI6.

Vishal Mehrotra and his father Vishambar, a former magistrate.  

Vishambar Mehrotra, a retired magistrate, recorded a telephone call, from a boy prostitute, linking Vishal’s murder  to “judges and politicians”.

The boy prostitute said he had already informed the police about the child sexual abuse at the Elm Guest House, but had received no response.

Vishambar says: “I recorded the whole 15-minute conversation and took it to police.

“But instead of investigating it, they just pooh-poohed it and I never heard anything about the tape again.”

Recently a former child abuse victim, linked to Elm Guest House, said that he had witnessed three boys being killed, including one allegedly strangled by a Conservative MP during a sex orgy.

Father says police covered up son’s murder by top government child abuse ring

Elm Guest House, whose customers reportedly included the police and the security services.

In June 1982, four months after Vishal’s remains were found, the police visited the Elm Guest House, allegedly to remove any evidence that might incriminate the top people.

Father says police covered up son’s murder by top government child abuse ring

The Times reported that Vishal’s murder is linked to the disappearance of another boy, Martin Allen, 15, missing since Guy Fawkes Night, 1979.

Martin’s brother, Kevin Allen, 51, says he suspected a cover-up after the police told him all the case files had been lost in a freak flood.

Kevin allen says: “Years ago I was warned by a policeman that if I looked too deep into this then I might get hurt. I’ve never forgotten that.

Father says police covered up son’s murder by top government child abuse ring

In 1983, Sir Leon Brittan (right) a senior minister in Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet was handed Geoffrey Dickens’s dossier on top people’s child abuse rings. Asked by The Independent what the dossier alleged and what action, he took, Sir Leon replied by email: “I have no recollection of these matters. Sorry!” Elm guest house; missing boys; leon brittan

In May 1983, Carole and Harry Kasir, the owners of the Elm Guest House, were fined £1,000 each and given suspended nine-month sentences for ‘running a disorderly house’.

They were found not guilty of living off immoral earnings and having obscene films.

Five years later Carole told child protection officers that children from the Grafton Close Children’s Home had been supplied to the brothel.

She provided names of people who had frequented the guesthouse.

These included police, MI5 and a man who at one time was the cabinet minister in charge of the police and MI5.

Carole Kasir is said to have been murdered on the instructions of certain powerful people.

Social worker Christopher Fay said: “She was hounded and harassed by police and security services. She knew all the top people who had been involved in the ring at the hotel.”

Tino Brandt

The top people would appear to be an alliance of child murdering Nazis, Zionists, Satanists, Robber Barons, Feudal Lords and Mafias.

The terrorists, whether Moslem or Nazi, all seem to work for the CIA and its friends.

Tino Brandt has been employed by the German security services.

He is a gay Nazi.

And reportedly he has sexually abused children.

Notorious German Neo-Nazi Tino Brandt Charged .

Tino Brandt, 39, has been charged with 157 offences that reportedly took place between 2011 and 2014, reports The Local.
Tino Brandt faces charges involved multiple homicides and child abuse.

He is accused of supplying young boys to adults who sexually abused them.

The leaders of a Nazi terror group, praised by ‘Anders Breivik’, and linked to the German security services and the CIA.

Tino Brandt has been linked to a group whose members, Uwe Mundlos, Uwe Böhnhardt and Beate Zschäpe, engaged in a seven-year killing spree starting in 2000.


Reportedly, Azov Films contain the type of symbolism used by the CIA in MK ULTRA brainwashing.

The scandal in Germany has links to Azov Films.

In Germany, in 2013, Social Democrat Sebastian Edathy and his parliamentary panel investigated police and secret service activities in connection with the Nazi group.

Sebastian Edathy is now being linked to the Azov Films child pornography affair (Operation Spade in Canada).

German minister quits over child pornography inquiry ‘leak’. / SPD leaders knew about child porn allegations / AZOV FILMS AND THE CIA

Member of the UK Parliament John Mann.

Labour MP John Mann says that, in 1998, he handed to the police evidence of the ‘child abuse parties’.

But the police, under orders from the top people, quickly closed down the case.

Mann’s evidence relates to a Cabinet minister and top MPs abusing children at the Pimlico luxury flats and elsewhere.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

An office of the CIA.

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