Paedophile doctor used ‘pen cam’ to film victims: 18 boys molested by consultant may be fraction of true number after series of blunders by officials

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  • Paedophile doctor Myles Bradbury used a spy pen while examining children
  • Bradbury filmed young cancer patients with a pen which has a camera inside
  • Paediatrician was left free for 16 months to wage his campaign of abuse
  • Blunders by the police allowed Bradbury to destroy his sick library of films
  • One patient says Bradbury ‘focused on my private parts’ during examination

Paediatric consultant Myles Bradbury used tiny video cameras hidden in pens to film himself abusing young cancer patients
A paedophile doctor used tiny video cameras hidden in pens to film himself abusing young cancer patients, it has emerged.
And the 18 boys as young as eight molested by paediatric consultant Myles Bradbury are probably only a fraction of his victims – as a series of official blunders gave him time to destroy his sick library of films.
The doctor was left free for 16 months to wage his campaign of abuse by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP).
CEOP had been handed a list of 2,235 suspected British paedophiles in July 2012 by Canadian police – but did nothing for months.
Bradbury, 41, admitted in September to abusing 18 boys. He bought a DVD in 2005 from Azov Films in Canada.
The company advertised on its website ‘just legal’ and ‘naturist’ films. Many were clearly illegal – and were bought by paedophiles worldwide.
It was finally closed down in a Toronto police raid in the summer of 2012 and the concerned officers soon dispatched the names of customers globally.
The company was closed down in 2012 and the names of customers passed to police forces worldwide.
But it was only when CEOP was absorbed by the National Crime Agency last November that Bradbury’s name was passed to Suffolk police.
The force only raided the house he shared with his then pregnant wife, in Herringswell, three weeks later.
They discovered Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge had suspended him two weeks earlier after a child’s parents complained about an ‘intimate examination’.
His wife admitted he had thrown his laptop away at the same time.
Police traced Bradbury’s rubbish and unearthed the laptop but the memory inside had been removed, and with it potential evidence of countless more victims.
However a disc containing 16,000 images of abuse and two specially adapted spy pens were found in a garden annexe.
Each had a small camera above the clip. Footage was downloaded by plugging into a computer.
An inquiry has since been mounted into CEOP and police failures.
One patient examined – and possibly filmed by Bradbury – yesterday told the BBC: ‘He would ask to get me in the room on my own, and say I’m old enough to go in a room on my own.
‘And then he’d want to check me. Instead of checking just my joints, he’d want to check my whole body.
‘He’d make me strip down. He focused on my private parts.’
Speaking of the possibility that there were many more victims of Bradbury, Det Sgt John Ling of Suffolk police yesterday told the BBC: ‘Unfortunately the hard drive had been removed from the laptop.
‘I don’t know how many examinations Visit Site

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