Pervert snared by paedophile hunters ‘seems uninterested in getting help’

Glen Walker thought he was communicating with 14-year-olds

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A pervert sent sexually explicit messages to what he thought were two 14-year-old girls only to find out they were really a group of self-styled paedophile hunters.

And Glen Walker has now been criticised by a Judge for how he has reacted to being caught – failing to accept his guilt and seemingly not being interested in help from the probation service.

Walker asked “Kirsty” and “Amber” to send him photographs of them touching their privates parts during their online conversations.

The 52-year-old also asked them how large their breasts were and offered to meet them to buy them “sexy underwear”.

He also told them he wanted to have sex with them but when he went to meet them, in Burton, they turned out to be a vigilante group who streamed their meeting live on Facebook.

Glen Walker outside Derby Crown Court
Glen Walker outside Derby Crown Court (Image: Martin Naylor)

Walker, a self-employed builder, of Askew Grove, Repton, pleaded guilty to two counts of attempting to sexually communicate with a child and was due to be sentenced.

But Judge Nirmal Shant QC adjourned the hearing after reading his pre-sentence report which gave her “concerns” that he was not fully accepting of how serious his offending was and that he was unwilling to accept help from the probation service.

She said: “You have wholly failed to accept your culpability except for your (guilty) plea.

“I have read the pre-sentence report and, given your attitude, it does not fill the court with any great confidence.


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“What you did was serious and you knew from the outset you were dealing with a 14-year-old child but you do not seem to be interested in getting any help from the probation service.”

Ian Way, prosecuting, said Walker began communicating with “Kirsty” and “Amber” in July of last year.

He said: “The girls in question were, in fact, fictitious and instead he was talking to self-styled paedophile hunters – a group called Keeping Kids Safe.

“He began sending messages to the girls saying things like ‘I bet you have got a sexy body for your age?’ asking them if they were virgins, what underwear the were wearing and what their breasts were like.

“He said he wanted to meet them and that he would like to have sexual contact with them.”

https://get.convrse.media/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.derbytelegraph.co.uk%2Fnews%2Flocal-news%2Fpervert-snared-paedophile-hunters-seems-2003090&cre=center&cip=19Mr Way said the hunters carried out the sting on a footbridge over the River Trent which they streamed live on Facebook.

Walker was arrested and questioned about the offences.


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Mr Way said: “In his first interview he denied knowing the ‘girls’ were 14 and said he believed they were 18.

“He then denied making any attempt to try and meet them.

“In his second interview when the chat logs between him and the two ‘girls’ were put to him, the defendant said a friend had tipped him off that they might be paedophile hunters implying that he knew he was not talking to real children.”

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Roger Wilson, for Walker, said his client “came to court knowing custody is an option”.

He said: “He will do anything to avoid being sent to prison.”

But Judge Shant ordered that an extra report be prepared for his new sentencing hearing at the same court on September 27.

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