Operation Outreach Concludes

Operation Outreach Concludes

This information is from Rabbitaway.blogspot. The blog does not in general reflect my views but I include the link as I believe it is fair to include attribution.
Operation Outreach was the police investigation into Jimmy Savile’s offending at Duncroft Approved School.
My understanding is that Jimmy Savile had not visited Duncroft until the 1970s and therefore could not have sexually abused any girl there during the 1960s. Some who have decided that Jimmy Savile has been maligned and who mistakenly, in my view, think he can be exonerated from the child abuse allegations have chosen to suggest that because allegations from Duncroft in the 1960s are untrue that all Duncroft allegations, and even all allegations against Jimmy Savile anywhere, are also untrue.
This suggestion is based on extremely poor logic and to me demonstrates that those that hold that view have set out to defend Jimmy Savile at all costs, ignoring the evidence, rather than set out to get to the truth. In other words, these people have a pre-existing agenda.
It is interesting to note that this letter which marks the conclusion of Operation Outreach DOES NOT suggest that Savile was not a sex offender. On the contrary, it repeatedly has a clear presumption throughout that Jimmy Savile was an offender. The conclusion within this letter is only that no prosecution against former staff members from Duncroft for complicity in Savile’s crimes would likely be successful and that is an important criteria the CPS must pass before any prosecution goes ahead.



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