‘Open letter to MacAskill Day’ 28th of each month

Sent a few days ago by David Scott who penned the impressive first Open Letter To  MacAskill – see blog entry for 28 May below
Dear Belinda 
A few of us have written open letters to Kenny MacAskill, Scottish Cabinet Justice Secretary, regarding matters of importance raised by the Hollie Greig case, although sadly I am not aware of any replies so far. I for one find that I have more to say to Mr MacAskill and more questions to ask. My first meeting with him was on April 28th (his birthday by happy coincidence). One month later I had digested his replies sufficiently to raise some issues of note. One month further on (the day after Roberts next interim hearing) I would like to follow up with another open letter to further explore the issues that are raised by this case and by Mr MacAskill’s  statements and policies. I know some of his other correspondents also have more unanswered questions. So may I suggest we make 28th of each month Open Letter to MacAskill Day, with all letters also being posted on the FRG website?
 Best regards
 David Scott
 Please feel free to repost on FRG – include my name if you wish
Thank you David and apologies that it has taken a few days to get this up on the site, calls in several directions at once right now. But as I always tell everyone, I regard this situation in Scotland as having top priority as the UK/British Isles could be about to lose part of our country for good which I personally being of Scottish ancestry myself (not just by marriage) would greatly regret. I also fear that the future leaders of an independent Scotland will not have the best interests of the Scottish people at heart because of their conspicuous disregard for child protection. The human rights of children must take precedence over all other rights and in Scotland they plainly don’t. The man I call ’Scotland’s Savile’ if only because he’s apparently untouchable and immune to any attempt to prosecute him is on the loose with a free hand to continue  abusing little girls for whom he’s known to have a predilection. While those who call for him and his cronies to be rounded up for questioning get put in jail! What kind of message about this new Scotland coming on stream does this send around the world and above all to the ordinary public of Scotland itself?
This is why our letter-writing is so important and the Open Letter formula is an ideal way of ramping up the campaign at this point because we can publish these letters and we are fortunate to have some fine writers within our ranks, q.e.d. So may I suggest that we lay off the Scottish Prison Service and the Governor of Barlinnie prison (who has made it very clear to me that decisions as to whether and when Rusty will be released are out of his own hands) and zone in on the political elite of Scotland, especially MacAskill and can I also factor in Salmond, from now on? And as David suggests we can release these letters on every 28th of the month, for better effect.
Then there are the MPs and MSPs and here something very extraordinary is going on in the Westminster Parliament – more and more and more members are joining in with a call to set up a National Inquiry into Child Abuse in the form of a letter to this effect to the Home Secretary. Having started with 7 MPs 2 weeks ago the number who have added their signatures as well as some pretty powerful comments to the letter is now nearing 100 and rising! Read all about it on the very excellent website run by Ian Pace (although the original report came from Exaro)
We should all be getting our own MP to sign this letter and apply particular pressure also to the Scotland-based MPs to sign it and the obvious question for this campaign is also, if this is going on at Westminster how about a similar letter being launched amongst the MSPs at Holyrood? In the Scottish case calling for the inquiry to be set up by maybe the Minister for Public Health Michael Matheson MSP whose responsibilities include Public Health & Health Protection as well as Child & Maternal Health and something called Historic Abuse, or the Minister for Children & Young People Aileen Campbell MSP who is supposed to be responsible for Child Protection & Children’s Rights.
Robert has also suggested people to write to David Cameron’s constituency Chairman and ask why isn’t Mr Cameron protecting British children which still includes Scottish children at this point in time? With reference to the Hollie Greig abuse scandal where what appears to be the entire Scottish government and legal establishment are seemingly united in a resolve not to pursue an Aberdeen-based paedophile with ”a predilection for little girls” who abused his own disabled daughter throughout her childhood and who is still on the loose. While at the same time the Scottish authorities see fit to lock up in prison and raid their houses anyone from England who dares to try to expose this man and his close associates.
The name & address to write to is Richard Langridge, Constituency Chairman, West Oxfordshire Conservative Association, Waterloo House, 58-60 High Street, Witney OX28 6HJ.

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