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    The objective of is an independent, international, victim-led tribunal/inquiry into trafficking and paedosadist industry.
  1. Investigator vehicles tampered with, got addresses, names, numbers “He said if they knew he had it they’d kill him”.
  2. “You have to have bricks for brains to take on the FBI in this country & that’s what you have to do,they are the architects.”
  3. “You will not be believed, you will be found guilty of perjury, were not telling me maybe, you go on ur going to jail”
  4. “witnesses were demolished in media, came across as criminals… neither FBI nor police investigated… treated like a joke.”
  5. “Ringleaders were Larry King, department store billionaire Alan Baer, and columnist of the Omaha World Herald, Peter Citron.”
  6. “vast US op providing children to the wealthy and politicians for abuse, drug trafficking, blackmail”
  7. The Washington DC Paedosadist Ring Coverup | The Ring Implicating the Bush Whitehouse:
  8. dead key witness, victim sentenced 25 yrs for perjury, a dead investigator and files locked till “a cold day in hell”
  9. Let’s talk the ‘The Franklin Cover-Up’ now…
  10. If you are an adult, is your job.
  11. has to go in layers, but there are many many layers. Each one we peel will add credibility to the next. We need global help.
  12. As Theresa May says, we know is the tip of the iceberg because evidence is destroyed, people are killed, nothing is reported.
  13. The reason it grows is the paedosadism industry was created and run from the top since the beginning.

  14. ‘The other Battle for the Internet’. A group of sociopaths decided to change the world;  

  15. How we came to be ruled by Death Eaters:  

  16. The UK establishment tortured and killed children for entertainment, political power, and just because they could.

  17. “I understood very that I could be raped, cared for; connected to money… at least the pimp told me he loved me.”

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