Child abuse inquiry: Three MPs and three peers named in paedophile dossier handed to Scotland Yard

An additional dossier on an alleged cover-up of VIP paedophile rings, created by former police officers, is to be handed to the Met

Three MPs and three members of the House of Lords have been named in a dossier handed to police concerning investigations into the alleged Westminster paedophile ring.
The dossier, which has been compiled by Labour MP John Mann, contains a total list of 22 high-profile figures deemed “worthy of investigation,” following the detailed examination of hundreds of pieces of evidence presented to him by members of the public, The Sunday Times reports.
Mr Mann told the newspaper the dossier names 12 former ministers, several of whom he believes were “definitely child abusers” and at least two of which are alleged to have assaulted boys at the Dolphin Square “abuse parties”.


He believes that the evidence presented against half of those on the list is “very compelling” and that some could “definitely be prosecuted”.
Dolphin Square estate in LondonDolphin Square estate in Pimlico, LondonThe MP said he had investigated claims made against many other names but did not believe the evidence was “sufficiently strong enough” to pass onto police. He revealed he had also been told of allegations that an organised crime ring and one celebrity had been involved in the trafficking of young boys across London to the abuse parties in Dolphin Square.
It comes as Home Secretary it has been revealed that Home Secretary Theresa May has written to the current panel of the Westminster sex abuse inquiry to inform member that the panel is to be disbanded, and is instead considering turning it into at statutory inquiry, Exaro news revealed.

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The development follows Thursday’s news that the Metropolitan police are investigating allegations that three young boys, who are believed to have been physically and sexually abused at the hands of Westminster MPs in the 1970s and 80s, were murdered by the VIP paedophile ring following the evidence of a “credible” witness.
Police have made a dramatic appeal for witnesses and victims of abuse to come forward after their witness, known only as Nick, claimed that during his years of abuse at the hands of Conservative politicians, he saw a Conservative MP strangle a boy to death during a sex attack.

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