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Pedophile Who Raped Baby Found Dead in Cell with Penis Chopped Off

A pedophile who was part of a sick gang that drugged and raped babies has been found dead in his prison cell with his penis chopped off.James King, 31, who changed his name from Robin Hollyson, was jailed for 24 years for raping a three-month-old baby and filming it.

A fellow prisoner, John Denham, confirmed to the inquest that inmates at HMP Bristol took contacts on King. King was part of s sick gang that took delight in drugging and raping babies described by a judge as “evil beyond rational understanding”

A jury heard how King had anxiety and depression, but eventually got worse when he was sentenced. Fears that King would eventually kill himself before arriving at Bristol prison had him placed under special observation.According to his mother: “During that visit, James informed us of an incident in which a fellow prisoner had been sugared. That incident involved one of his co-defendants, Matthew.

”James suggested to us that the attack on Matthew was intended for him. I believe he was concerned and I believe he was told about the attack by another prisoner.”

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