Our new brand launches this October

We’re letting people know that every childhood is worth fighting for

It might seem a little odd to get excited about six little words. But that’s exactly how we feel about our new strapline: every childhood is worth fighting for. Because six little words can make a big statement. They can show what we stand for, not just what we stand against.

Our new brand means a new approach. In the past, we’ve raised awareness of child sex abuse. People know that we’re firmly against cruelty to children, and that we want it to be stopped. But we haven’t shown how each and every one of us has the power to prevent it. That’s going to change.

Say hello to our new brand

It’s not just about a new strapline and logo. We’ll be making changes across all our materials – you’ll see things change over coming weeks, including our new website.
From now on, we’re going to look a little different and sound a little different. We’re not going to stop talking about the problems children face. But we are going to start showing you how we’re making things better, and how you can help us.
We want everyone to join us in the fight for every childhood.

Our brand launch

Two boys laughing.Childhood shapes who we become. Abuse never should. That’s why we’re celebrating childhood, and the impact it has on our whole lives.
For the launch of our new brand, we’re asking people to think about how their childhood has shaped who they are today.
What words of wisdom have stayed with you since childhood? Share these words and help inspire others to fight for every childhood.
Celebrities like Stephen Fry and Alan Sugar will be revealing the inspirational words that shaped their childhoods, and you can get involved too.

How to get involved

  1. Log on to Facebook or Twitter.
  2. Share the words in a status update or tweet.
  3. Don’t forget to add #childhoodwisdom, tag your friends and ask them to join in too.

It might look something like this:
“I remember being told ‘Treat others how you’d like to be treated.’ #childhoodwisdom @NSPCC”
We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone’s words of wisdom, so start tweeting and posting!

Abuse changes childhood. But so can we.

Contact our press office

Contact our national and regional press offices for enquiries about our work or to request interviews.

Contact our press office

Fighting for childhood
Child abuse ruins childhood, but it can be prevented. Help us rebuild children’s lives and stop child abuse from ruining any more.

Find out how

Preventing abuse
Find out about types of abuse, the child protection system and access our research and resources

Preventing abuse

What you can do
We can’t end child abuse without your help – find out what you can do to play your part in the fight for every childhood.

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