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Simon Tomlin refuses to be silenced by police bail conditions, rejects gagging order and faces immediate arrest

PC Richard Reynolds threatens Janet Envers, Joyce Wharton and Simon Tomlin
The organised criminal gang masquerading as Nottinghamshire ‘Police’ sent 10 of its uniformed gangsters to arrest me on 13 March at approximately 08.10hrs.
Was I about to bomb the London Underground? Of course not, I am even worse than that, I am an investigate journalist exposing corrupt police officers and their neo-Nazi proxies.
PC Richard Reynolds of 5 Ashbourne Road, Underwood, Nottinghamshire, made a complaint about ‘harassment’ but this was over a year after two articles were published exposing his misconduct in public office. Why did it take Reynolds so long to fabricate his complaint?

BENT COPPERS: Andrew Chrich, Alan Grainger, PCSO Martyn Barsby, PC Tim Pearson, PC Paul Maltby, PC Richard Reynolds

Likewise, in synchrony with her fellow Nazi sympathiser Reynolds, a complaint of ‘harassment’ was made by “the Nazi ground sheet” Melony McElroy, who has had a string of lovers in the British National Party, British Movement and Blood & Honour.
Just days before the latest act of police terrorism against journalists, my book TERROR GANG was banned but the publisher refuses to tell me who made the complaint and on what grounds? Despite the silence, it is perfectly clear that Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Police crooks were involved in the malicious complaint.
The publisher admits that the complainants have NOT even read the book they wanted banned but this terrorism is entirely in keeping with the terror tactics they have always used. Much the same and worse is being done by Svoboda gangsters in Ukraine.
McElroy of 21 Plumptre Way, Eastwood has had affairs with Alistair Bulman, Mickey Lane and David Mee, all senior leaders in the openly neo-Nazi British Movement and Blood & Honour. All of them were directly involved in my attempted murder on 20 January 1990. But apparently evil McElroy claims to have a ‘reputation’ to defend and what is she defending?

Former British Movement leader Micky Lane had a relationship with McElroy for 3 years

McElroy now works for Ellis, Fermor & Negus Solicitors, primarily based at the Ripley office, just minutes walk from Derbyshire Police HQ. The nexus of pure evil is so transparent it is staggeringly obvious even to a casual observer. McElroy has had intimate relationships with three British Movement leaders involved in the attempt to kill me and the ensuing Special Branch and MI5 cover-up.
British Movement thugs protected by Special Branch and Searchlight Magazine were responsible for my attempted murder in Derbyshire and they were allowed to escape prosecution for the “particularly horrific attack”.
McElroy knows all of the men involved in the attack but has refused to cooperate to bring them before the criminal courts. Perverting the course of justice is a serious criminal offence but McElroy knows her corrupt police friends will never prosecute her.
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