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The Daily Gazette/ The Chimp.

It’s nice to see that the wholly corrupt Essex plod are nothing if not consistent… Wankers.
You see, married plod thug Neil Culham is on trial for touching up a vulnerable woman:

A MARRIED policeman forced a woman who had been a crime suspect to touch his genital area, a court has heardEssex Police PC Neil Culham, 42, made the alleged move on a woman he had investigated over claims that she harassed her ex-boyfriend.
Culham, of Ardleigh Road, Dedham, is also said to have told the woman she had nice breasts and tried to “stick his tongue in her mouth” after offering to drive her home from Clacton police station.
An investigation was launched after the 32-yearold woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, later complained to the police.
Culham denies two charges of sexual assault in November 2012 and January 2013.
The second incident allegedly took place at Clacton police station, Ipswich Crown Court heard.
The trial continues

And it would also appear that the wholly corrupt, Paul White AKA Lord Hanningfield of Essex has not learned his lesson either.

Police last night confirmed a Peer was being investigated for alleged fraud over claims he cheated the Parliamentary expenses system to make up to £300 a day.
Lord Hanningfield – who was expelled from the Conservative Party after he was sent to prison for ripping off taxpayers during the original MPs’ expenses scandal – was made to repay more than £3,000 after he was caught by a newspaper ‘clocking in’ to Parliament, then leaving just minutes later, in order to claim a daily attendance allowance.
When confronted, he told a reporter: ‘I could name 50 other peers that do it.’
Police initially said there was no evidence a crime had been committed, but have now launched a new investigation.
Last night Scotland Yard confirmed the suspended peer had been interviewed under caution over allegations of fraud following the launch of a new criminal investigation.
The Daily Mirror newspaper, which first revealed the alleged fraud, said police were understood to have asked him about his claims other peers had also turned up to Parliament solely to collect the £300 tax-free allowance.

Scotland Yard confirmed the suspended peer has been interviewed under caution over allegations of fraud
Course, as you all probably know, Hanningfield was one of 5 scapegoats for the 2010 MP expenses scandal and spent a token couple of months in prison.
On his release he was arrested in almost identical circumstances as I was on the 31st of July, whereby the Essex Plod turned up mob handed on his doorstep in the early hours of the morning, without an arrest or search warrant and stole his computers.
Indeed, the only differences between my arrest and White’s are:

  1. about 5 hours – the plod turned up at white’s house around 6:30 AM whereas they turned up at mine at 1:30 AM
  2. White spent considerably less time in custody than I did.
  3. White was arrested for an indictable offence.
  4. I suspect that White was probably guilty of the crime but the charges were dropped.

White later won a paltry £3500 after successfully suing the Essex plod for wrongful arrest and detention.
You would therefore have thought that Hanningfield would have counted his blessings and quit stealing the public’s money… Not so.
Indeed, Hanningfield – amazingly allowed to keep his Lord status – would turn up at the House of Lords everyday, clock on for his unbelievable £300 per day attendance fee and then fuck off.
Course, when confronted, instead of holding his hands up Hanningfield claimed that most of the Lords did exactly the same, as if that somehow made it okay.
These cunts really do all have to go.

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