Exclusive: Another deadline passes as Crown Office blank FOI Commissioner over Angiolini’s legal bill

The Firm has learned today that the Crown Office have not replied to correspondence from the Information Commissioner inquiring into whether the taxpayer funded the former Lord Advocate’s legal action against the media in connection with the Hollie Greig case.
In correspondence of 21 April, seen by The Firm today, the Commissioner’s Office confirms it is now escalating its inquiries -which have been outstanding since November 2010- to a “senior” level.
The Firm has learned that the Information Commissioner gave the Crown Office until the 6 May to respond to the inquiries, but that deadline passed without response. Earlier letters of 14 December 2010 and 2 February 2011 had also gone without reply.
The Head of Enforcement at the Office of the Information Commissioner has now said that the matter will be taken up with “someone more senior within the Crown Office”.
 In September a poll running on The Firm website closed with 93% of respondents stating that the former Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini, should say publicly who paid her legal bills.
Last week, in a separate inquiry into another aspect of the Hollie Greig affair, the Information Commissioner ruled that Scottish Ministers had failed to respond to six questions relating to the case, and held then in breach of their compliance obligations.
Two Westminster MPs have also made inquiry of the Scottish Government into the case.

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