Part of this article might go some way to explaining Hollie,s ‘hip thrusting’ episode.

Did Major go to London to re-enforce the psychological trauma that Hollie suffered? Found by searching for laws governing interviewing PTSD victims.

‘ To meet the criteria for PTSD a person must suffer from three primary symptoms resulting from the trauma: a regular re experiencing of the event, avoidance or numbing, and increased arousal. Some of the specific symptoms of the re experiencing of the trauma occur in the form of flashbacks. These flashbacks can be experienced during times when the victim is awake and include vivid and detailed reenactments of the event. Children exhibit these symptoms by acting out the traumatic experience during times of play. Re experiencing of the event can also take place during the victim’s dreams. The criteria for reexperincing also includes exposure to stimuli associated with the event, that causes great distress. ‘…

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