Margaret Thatcher `Paedophile Cabinet Prime Minister` Dies of Stroke

Posted: 2013-04-08
From: Mathaba–%20Savile%20was%20for%20many%20years%20the%20face%20of%20children%60s%20TV%20on%20the%20BBC%2C%20while%20Thatcher%20destroyed%20socialism%20with%20a%20ministerial%20cabinet%20full%20of%20paedophiles& Share on Twitter Facebook
Photo: Margaret Thatcher with the paedophile Jimmy Savile promoting the `National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children` — Savile was for many years the face of children`s TV on the BBC, while Thatcher destroyed socialism with a ministerial cabinet full of paedophiles

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Margaret Thatcher known as the “Iron Lady” has “died of a stroke” according to media reports within the past hour. This came amidst mounting questions about the extent of child sexual exploitation (paedophile) conspiracies involving British intelligence and security agencies (MI5, SIS) and senior British politicians who were protected by Thatcher.

During her rule as Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher took the unusually strong step of issuing clear and loud threats against the British media warning them not to publish the name of Leon Brittan who was her “Home Secretary” and went on to become a European Commissioner in Brussels, another location of intense paedophile activity.

The British media at the time complied and it is only within the past few months that Leon Brittan’s name started to circulate again in connection with his involvement as an abuser of young boys. At the time he was Home Secretary Leon Brittan paid the family of a young boy who he had sexually abused, to keep quiet about his name.

Leon Brittan, sexual abuser of young boys and a senior Minister in Thatcher gov’t

Margaret Thatcher gave him full protection along with all her cabinet ministers who had been chosen without exception because of the “skeletons” they all had “in their cupboards” — i.e. dirty secrets of highly illegal activities, often involvement in child sexual exploitation, which was also nurtured and encouraged by the Zionist Jews within the British intelligence community and establishment. Leon Brittan himself was a Jew.

Brittan went on to become European Commissioner for Competition at the European Commission early in 1989.

In 1995 he became European Commissioner for Trade and European Commissioner for External Affairs, also serving as Vice-President of the European Commission.

Brittan resigned with the rest of the Santer Commission in 1999 amid accusations of fraud.

Thatcher went on to dismantle socialism and the welfare state in Britain and destroyed trade unions, none of which were ever to recover. She also waged war on Argentina and Libya, which she bombed together with her strong ally Ronald Reagan, the U.S. President at the time.

Hague with Savile

The British Conservative Party continued to be heavily involved with paedophiles. The photo here is of British “Foreign Office Secretary” (Foreign Minister) William Hague, again with Jimmy Savile. Hague was groomed by Leon Brittan to replace him as MP for Richmond. Hague had formerly shared an apartment with the openly homosexual conservative “tory” MP Alan Duncan.

While International Development Minister, Alan Duncan helped establish a secret ‘Libyan Oil Cell’ in Hague’s Foreign Office which played a vital role in helping to supply fuel to Islamist (Al-Qaida allied) rebels in Libya.

Alan Duncan

It later emerged (see The Guardian 2/9/2011) that Duncan’s unit also helped arrange meetings between the Libyan “rebels” and the Swiss-based multinational Vitol, the world’s largest oil trader.

Vitol went on to supply oil to the rebels ‘largely without upfront payments’. Vitol and its president Ian Taylor have close past links to Mr Duncan.

While in opposition Duncan’s office received tens of thousands of pounds from Mr Taylor via donations to the Conservative Party. Mr Duncan is also a former director of another oil firm, Arawak Energy, which was 40 per cent owned by Vitol at the time.

In addition to Duncan’s oil deals, his Tory colleagues, principally Hague and Prime Minister Cameron, were responsible for the decision to spend up to £3 Billion bombing Libya in pursuit of extra profits for giant oil companies and the US/UK elite’s neo-con agenda to “remake the Middle East”.

Hague (right) with Myers (left)

Multi-millionaire Hague has up until now led a charmed life, shrugging off little problems such as the failure of his Waterhouse Inquiry to get to the bottom of the paedophile abuse at children’s homes in North Wales, or the brief media interest in his room-sharing arrangements with a young male advisor, his 25-year old driver at the time, Christopher Myers.

There are many leads and much information we have at Mathaba that needs following up with further research and documentation that would bring down the British Establishment once and for all if it were to become public. Meanwhile due to our ongoing resource shortage we encourage those with the ability to conduct further research and to publish their findings.

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