Paedo chief silent as scandal erupts

Tom O'Carroll
Tom O’Carroll
A former Open University press officer who lived in Newport Pagnell could prove the key to the paedophile scandal threatening to engulf the government this week.
As inquiries begin into allegations of institutional paedophilia in the Home Office more than 30 years ago, one important figure in the evil child sex ring has so far remained silent.
Tom O’Carroll, pictured, now 65, founded and chaired PIE, the Paedophile Information Exchange, when he worked at the city’s Open University HQ in the late 1970s.
A self-confessed “child lover” who wanted the age of consent dropped to four, he was jailed in 1981 for conspiring to corrupt public morals.
The man who took up the reins as chair while O’ Carroll languished behind bars was Steven Smith, a contractor who says he was cleared by Scotland Yard to monitor security alarms at Whitehall.
Secret PIE files, many of them prepared by O’Carroll, were stored by Smith in cabinets in the Home Office buildings.
When Smith’s role in PIE was exposed by a national newspaper in 1982, there was a “limited investigation by the government – but no action was taken.
He claims the car load of PIE files was “safely spirited” from the building before it occurred to officials to intervene.
Both Smith and O’Carroll have since clung fiercely to their PIE beliefs.
O’Carroll has published a book advocating child sex and also appears all over the country at academic conferences.
Earlier this year he told how MP Harriet Harman and former Labour cabinet minister Patricia Hewitt both dealt with PIE through their work with the National Council of Civil Liberties.
He said: “Really they didn’t do too much to oppose PIE’s presence.“They didn’t want to rock the boat because their careers depended on them not rocking the boat.”
This week O’Carroll was unavailable for comment and failed to answer an email from the Citizen