Anna Raccoon – taken at face value?

There has in the last few days been the most despicable and revolting blog post that I have read in a long time.
I am ashamed, not for who I am or what I believe in, but for the disgusting display of pack animals on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations by Susanne Nundy (Anna Raccoon), especially from those who claim to be libertarian.
I am disappointed to the point of being disgusted. Disgusted that so very few indicated that every story has two sides, and that not one single person said the words ‘prove it’, or ‘where is the evidence’, and it says more about the hive mentality of the audience than the delusions of the writer.
Susanne Nundy, aka Anna Raccoon has decided to air some of her dirty washing in public, yet when we delve deeper into her past and her possible motives, it creates a very different view to her latest story line, because Susanne Nundy has been acting to destabilise the Libertarian Party since its inception, creating problems for the Leadership of the party at every opportunity.
But before we get too far into the Nundy past, let me refute completely her version of events with regards to myself and the actions of Rohan Kapur.
The very first I had heard of this ‘incident’ was when I received a late night telephone call at 11pm on the day that Rohen had left her home. She recalled that she had been in touch by email with Rohan over a period of time, that online conversations led on to the matter of property, that Rohan was looking to buy such a property and that she had a second property that she had for sale. As such she had invited him to France to look at it, and as he had not booked any accommodation for his visit decided to put him up at home for the 2 days he was to be there.
She then explained the ‘events’ of the food eating, the photo’s and the computer use and asked of me ‘what are you going to do about it’.
My response was that if true, such allegations were somewhat serious, but what would she like me to do about it, because as far as I was concerned this was a private matter and nothing to do with the party and I didn’t understand why she would call me over his behaviour.
At this point she then demanded, and I mean demanded, that because Rohen was a Libertarian PPC it was my business, that he was unsuitable as a candidate, that I should discuss this with Andrew (who apart from being Chairman at that time was also acting as the candidate selection officer) and if necessary call a special NCC meeting to have Rohen deselected. She also demanded a full and unreserved apology from Rohen Kapur, because her husband was ready to start legal proceedings unless LPUK did something about him.
It was at this point that she advised me of Rohen’s mental health problems, told me that she had seen his medical record and actually read back to me a list of conditions that were in that file, along with a series of matters that were before the GMC. (that is the first time that my alarm bells began to ring with regards to Susanne Nundy). When asked how she had access to these files, she indicated that some former colleagues had advised her of Rohan’s unsuitability… which if she had known beforehand… would never have invited him to France… Yet she had this information to hand to read to me on the day he left…
Her apparent ability to gain access to private and confidential documentation is something that I will come back to later in this post.
What she didn’t know, and I didn’t tell her was that Rohan had actually approached me 2 months earlier, had advised of his ongoing legal problems with the GMC and had voluntarily agreed to be deselected.
The following day I did speak with Andrew about this, who in turn called Susanne Nundy. I also called Rohan, repeated the allegations, many of which he absolutely denied (and still does), and suggested that he should produce a full apology in order to end this matter.
At no time was her telephone call remarked to be ‘in confidence’. She wanted action and wanted it NOW. As a result there was a special NCC meeting, the outcome being that Rohan Kapur was suspended from the party, a decision I have to say I now regret.
With hindsight I should have stuck to my original line of ‘nothing to do with the party’, and I put this down to set-up #1. As with her post about Andrew Withers, there was no evidence, only her allegations and again she manages to conflate what are private matters with party business.
I would call this a set-up simply because Susanne Nundy has a history. Wherever there is a story of abuse by officials, especially when it relates to children or paedophilia, up pops a swathe of names including Anna Raccoon, Susanne Nundy or under her maiden name Susanne Cameron-Blackie , all ready to ‘assist’, yet strangely the outcome is never the one that those originally abused, or their campaigners envisaged. More often than not they are ripped apart, labelled as nutters and thrown to the pack in the manner we saw with her post about Andrew Withers yesterday. Its almost as if she is a professional Trojan Horse.
Susanne’s own career in the Lord Chancellor’s department is not necessarily what you imagine it was. Whilst she continually presents herself as a lawyer, she can call herself a lawyer only insomuch as she has a law degree, but I can find no records that she ever qualified as a solicitor or barrister and was never called to the bar. (if I am wrong perhaps she has some physical evidence to the contrary, such as certificates or photos that can be published).
No, Susanne Nundy was a ‘Lord Chancellor’s visitor’, as such she was little more than a glorified social worker, but with special powers.

The Lord Chancellor can appoint a Court of Protection visitor to a panel of special visitors or a panel of general visitors. These visitors replace the current Lord Chancellor’s visitors under Section 102 of the Mental Health Act 1983. To be eligible for appointment as a special visitor a person must be a registered medical practitioner or appear to the Lord Chancellor to have other suitable training or special knowledge. However, a general visitor does not need to have any particular medical qualifications.
Visitors have the power to carry out visits and produce reports as directed by the court or the public guardian. They have the power to examine and take copies of documents or records held by authorities that relate to the protected person, and also have the power to interview the protected person in private. Special visitors also have the powers to carry out medical examinations if necessary. The Code of Practice indicates that visitors have a role to play in investigating possible abuse and also to check on the general well-being of a person who lacks capacity.(source)

A lot of power, especially if the person concerned is slightly unstable (as per the Mental Health Act).
Susanne claims to have moved to France in 2005, either 5 years or 2 years after having left the Lord Chancellors office (depending on which of her versions you read), yet here is her LinkedIn profile showing her as a Lord Chancellors visitor (DCA) located in erm… Aquitaine, France. (It is worth noting that the DCA was only added after the Tony Blair shake-up of that department, with the Dept of Constitutional Affairs added to it in 2005), and it is my understanding that her career with the Lord Chancellors office came to an end when she put in a claim under the Mental Health Act for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and walked away with a cool £250,000 of taxpayers money in compensation (her original claim was reported to be £500,000).
That her investments in property with that compensation money have gone awry, leaving her in a parlous financial state must give cause to consider that doing ‘favours’ for the department is a financial motive worth considering.
That Andrew Withers is winning his battles where they should be won, in court, would not stop the more unscrupulous from using smear campaigns to discredit where the attempted legal avenues have been discovered to be littered with lies, perjury, forgeries and malfeasance.
It was after discovering these elements of her past that I perhaps wondered if she was still doing ‘favours’ for old colleagues. Consider that Rohan Kapur was also winning or at least holding his own in his legal battles with the GMC, how better to dispose of a thorn in their side than a public discrediting of him. Also take her post on the Hollie Greg campaign which was also beginning to gain traction, another public shredding from Anna Raccoon.
Earlier I referred to her access to private and confidential documentation, because in each case she seems to have obtained or at least had sight of private or confidential documentation that is certainly not in the public domain, and in the case of Hollie Greg documentation that was sealed, not even available to the family. Just how does Susanne Nundy gain access to such confidential documentation unless she still works for government, or it is being fed to her.
As others have said “let’s face it, there’s no more cruel a kick than the kick of a Trojan Horse”.
Never forget, that there are always multiple levels to politics. What the public see and read in the press and media is a very sanitised end presentation, what goes on in the background and in dark corners is what some of us have been dealing with and exposing every day for many years. We have always been aware that there would be attempts to destabilise the Libertarian Party, to stop it forming into a coherent political force in the same way using similar methods that were tried on UKIP in its early days, and the biggest beneficiary to that destabilisation would be the DCA as I have written about in the past.
Could Anna Raccoon really be a trojan horse for the DCA and other government departments? Because it’s certainly beginning to look like it from where I sit.
But please, all this information is in the public domain, so take your own time to look it up to satisfy yourselves that this is real, and to give you some further insight, here are some observations on the contradictions that are Anna Raccoon, from a black ops watcher, Blackwatch from September last year.

Susanne Nundy is just as baffling a proposition. For those unfamiliar with the story, Susanne Nundy is the name used by British Libertarian blogger, Anna Raccoon, more popularly known for her posts about the Madeleine McCann and Hollie Greig stories and a favourite of the Nbrado-run, Chaos Raptors website (who seem to have blocked my IP this week, from what I can gather).
Nundy and Greg Watkins are alleged to have co-managed a disinformation campaign around the Hollie Greig case by an equally dubious set of Greig supporters (the kind that give Andrew Marr all the amunition he needs to make sweeping generalisations)
Why did ‘Susanne Nundy’ or whoever she is – use the email address
The Court of Protection as it exists now, was set up by Jack Straw and New Labour in 2005 (created under the Mental Capacity Act 2005). In the Inexorable choices‘ post Nundy says she was in office in 2003 (just as Blair ditched the office of Lord Chancellor) and yet in an email she sent me yesterday, Raccoon insists she had resigned the office in 2000 (which I’m happy to forward to anyone who requests it). But even Chris Carter, her replacement in 2004, insists she was working at this time.
Interestingly the email address alleged to have ‘outed’ Anna Raccoon (and I use the term cautiously) was left on a website for Old Scholars at St Christopher’s School in Letchworth, Hertfordshire – an old and respected boarding school set up by Beatrice Ensor – a close friend of Fabian Socialist and Freemason, Annie Besant and sponsored by Helena Blavtasky’s Theosophical Society – a weird and slightly extreme religious group influenced by new age and Aryan mysticism (imagine David Icke with some serious political backers and a decent night’s sleep).
But all this sounds a bit too good to be true in my opinion: leaving a breadcrumb trail to some weird theosophical preparatory school with links to Freemasons and Fabian Socialism? Throw in a few references to the Lord Chancellor and working for the Court of Protection? No, something just doesn’t sit right with me. It’s all too neat. Like my Christmasses have all come early. Things like this don’t just fall into your lap so easily, do they?
On the otherhand, its seems unlikely that the email address was left deliberately (as breadcrumbs) as it appears as far back in the wayback records as January 2004 so she must have been using it around the time.
Why Nundy was using an email address that alluded to a governmental role but which clearly hadn’t been registered through any formal government department remains unclear (the domain name doesn’t have the expected TLD – like that of the Supreme Court, for instance).
A parking page for the website from March 2003 suggests the original site was set up and maintained in France.
The domain makes one appearance in 2003 and then disappears – so make what you will of the credibility of the site ro her claims.
I’m also finding it difficult to reconcile Susanne Nundy’s celebrated ‘Libertarian’ ideals with the idea of her working with such a crudely draconian, insidious and cheerfully Orwellian institution as the Court of Protection. I’ve seen her attempts to address this fairly awkward little paradox in her blog. She says it wasn’t an invention of ‘Nu Labour’ and Jack Straw – but that’s just being pedantic.
It had existed in one form or another for years, but New Labour extended its powers and its reach exponentially in 2005 (whilst simultaneously incapacitating the power of carers and relatives). It was rebranded, relaunched. According to a Daily Telegraph report, the Court of Protection’s expansion had been controversial’ not only for its extensive powers but also for the fact that almost all of its hearings take place in private‘.
My guess, is that like Shrimpton and Bennett the character going by the name of Nundy doesn’t know whether she’s extremely right or extremely left. However, I suppose the distribution of any ideal can be skewed and uneven on occasion. Just look at the blogs she claims to read – they don’t get more skewed than that. If I was being pedantic (now heaven forbid) I’d say the miscellaneous nature of it made it look more like a webring or a linkfarm of sorts.
But what better way to manage opinion than by managing both sides?

Could Susanne Nundy really be a protector of paedophile rings inside government institutions as is alleged by some of Hollie Greig’s supporters? Was the use of her LinkedIn profile, the fake court of protection email address & website in France a prelude to something more sinister? Further discrepancies are investigated by BW in the comments.

Not too impressed with this ‘Anna Raccoon’, I have to say. She was tripping herself up left right and centre in emails we exchanged yesterday. One minute she was saying she hadn’t placed her name and email address on the St Christopher’s Old Scholars page – that someone else had – ( the next she was saying she had given permission afterall (after I’d pointed out that I’d been in touch with David Curzons who manages the Old Scholars page and he said old scholars MUST request it themselves).
She says in her ‘Intimidation and cooercion‘ post that “the e-mail address given is not and has never been a genuine e-mail address.”
But if it was not a genuine email address: how could St Christophers contact her using that address to add her to the list as she told me yesterday?
She also says she never used the address after retiring in 2000 but the domain is there in the wayback archives in 2003 – under construction in France – where she lives.
Raccoon’s site is down for ‘maintenance’ at the moment so I can well imagine she is altering some of her posts as we speak in the event the Office of the Public Guardian start looking more closely at her claims.
Here’s what she says in her ‘Inexorable choices‘ post:
“I worked in the Lord Chancellor?s Office the last time Labour (under Tony Blair) made one of their knee jerk attempts at reforming the constitution to suit themselves. Blair got up one morning and ?abolished? the Lord Chancellor. Chaos ensued.” – nb: this was 2003-2005.And here’s what Ms Nundy says in an email to me yesterday:
“I most certainly was not working as a Visitor after 2000. I let the domain lapse. I have no idea who re-registered it. I didn?t move to France until 2005 so the fact that it was someone in France has no suspicious connections with me.”And again, in a previous email:
“Mrs Nundy ceased to use the address in 2000 when she retired from work. What has happened to it since then is of no interest to me, nor relevance.”Does she always talk about herself in the third person? Here’s another of Ms Nundy’s ‘out of body experiences’ (or travels in the third person narrative) – a rather flattering report she did about ‘the blogger’ Anna Raccoon. Herself by any other name.
She’s not lying exactly. She’s not telling the truth exactly. In one breath she says she retired in 2000 – and in another breath says she was working in the Lord Chancellor’s Office in 2003. That she’s been involved in this work seems certain in many respects but she seems to have lied about all the timings. Why? And how does one balance her propensity for lying with her devotion as a Quaker (anyone remember the ‘testimony of integrity’ and such like)?
Has Raccoon just been impersonating Ms Nundy? Sounds dumb, but who knows, given the lies thus far.

I shall leave you to draw your own conclusions.
UPDATE 19/4/11
After having received several comments purporting to be from ‘different commenters’ using the same IP address, the comments on this post are now closed.
The IP and user information relating to those comments will be passed to the police.



Savile DNA no match to any unsolved crime say Scotland Yard


A DNA sample given to Scotland Yard by Jimmy Savile’s family has been compared with DNA samples gathered by detectives investigating unsolved rapes and murders.
The Yard revealed yesterday that they found no match between Savile’s DNA and any DNA sample collected at any time at any crime scene in the United Kingdom.
DNA sampling and profiling can be carried out on evidence gathered from victims of crime and scenes of crimes committed long before the world’s first DNA murder investigation in Leicester in 1986. Sir Alec Jeffreys discovered the technique of genetic fingerprinting at the University of Leicester in 1984 and two years later his discovery cleared Richard Buckland, a 17 year old with learning difficulties who had confessed to murdering a 15 year old schoolgirl. Buckland was exonerated by DNA profiling which also led in 1987 to the conviction of double-murderer Colin Pitchfork.
Scotland Yard said DNA profiling in the case of Jimmy Savile, the disc jockey who died at 85 in October 2011, was carried out with the approval of his family and after the publication of their 2013 report Giving Victims a Voice, published jointly with the NSPCC, stating that 450 people had made complaints against Savile after his death, alleging sexual abuse in the years between 1955 and 2009 against complainants of both sexes aged between 8 and 47 years. They recorded 214 suspected criminal offences, including 34 alleged rapes involving 28 police forces.
The negative DNA result was hailed as good news yesterday by a woman who attended 40 years ago the former Duncroft Approved School, near Staines, where the earliest allegations against Jimmy Savile were made by former pupils in anonymous internet chat forums, eventually investigated by Surrey Police before the Crown Prosecution Service found insufficient evidence for a prosecution.
Susanne Cameron-Blackie, formerly the Lord Chancellor’s Visitor for Wales and now living in South Western France, used her Anna Raccoon political blog to contact other old girls of the school and their long-retired headmistress, 93 year old Miss Margaret Jones.
Conducting their own worldwide investigation into the claims of sexual abuse at Duncroft they exposed a number of patently false allegations against Savile. One group of old girls from the special school discovered the circulation of a forged letter written on bogus police notepaper suggesting that Surrey Police dropped their investigations because of Savile’s advanced age.

Yesterday, now undergoing treatment for cancer at her home near Monbazillac, she discussed with readers of her blog the Savile family’s co-operation with Scotland Yard: ‘It was a massive decision for the family, one that caused much soul searching.
‘They made the decision that this was the only chance Jimmy Savile would have to stand trial for any of the terrible things he has been accused of. It was a brave decision, not made merely out of a belief in his innocence, but a belief that the accused should always have the right to defend himself – and this was Savile’s only chance to even partially defend himself.
‘They gave their permission for DNA testing to be carried out; for Jimmy Savile’s DNA to be checked against the DNA held as a result of investigations into some of the most heinous crimes ever committed in the UK, both solved and unsolved.
‘Jimmy Savile’s DNA is not a match for any DNA collected from any crime scene in the UK. Repeat. Not a match.’

Susanne Cameron-Blackie  [Anna Raccoon]

Susanne Cameron-Blackie
[Anna Raccoon]

Coronation Street sex charges: Nazir Afzal versus Anna Raccoon waving Magna Carta

Nazir Afzal, Chief prosecutor CPS Northwest
The Mail on Sunday reports that the chief prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service in North West England admits being hurt by criticism after juries found Coronation Street actors Michael Le Vell and William Roache not guilty of sex charges mounted by his office.
Nazir Afzal denies conducting a witch-hunt against celebrities and according to reporter Ben Ellery told delegates at a Barnardo’s conference in Manchester, ‘There was a case last week in which a man went to trial innocent and left that trial innocent.’
Instead of naming William Roache, the chief prosecutor is said to have named the dead disc jockey Jimmy Savile, a man who was never charged in his own lifetime but is now accused of 450 sex crimes: ‘I recognise that I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. Everybody now accepts the decisions taken back in 2008 over Jimmy Savile, for example, were wrong. We were the first to accept that in 2012.
‘But if we’d prosecuted in 2008 and the jury had acquitted, would people be saying, “You shouldn’t have brought those cases”?’
The CPS chief is reported to have told the conference, ‘I’ve been called the Witchfinder General, the Celebrity Hunter and a host of other names. But criminal justice is not a ducking stool. It’s due process: proper, thorough investigation followed by a prosecutor review, continuing review and the testing of witnesses in a courtroom.
‘It seems to have been overlooked by many that the trial judge, independent of prosecution and defence, decided that there was sufficient evidence for the case to progress.’
The Manchester barrister Mark Barlow, generic counsel to the Historic Abuse Appeal Panel and a former senior investigating officer in the British Army, warned after the acquittal of William Roache, ‘The reality now is that if someone makes an allegation of sex abuse, however historic and however weak the evidence, the CPS will prosecute. Bill Roache is lucky he was able to produce independent evidence to undermine his accusers’.
Nazir Afzal’s references to the Savile case have been criticised by the human rights blogger Susanne Cameron-Blackie, the former Lord Chancellor’s Visitor for Wales. She happens to have been a pupil at the Duncroft Approved School in Surrey, where the Savile allegations originated. She used her Anna Raccoon political blog to contact other old girls of the school and investigate the original online anonymous allegations. They discovered a number of false allegations and traced a letter, seen by the Daily Mail, written on bogus police notepaper and forged to create the false impression that Surrey Police had dropped an investigation into Savile at Duncroft because of his advanced age. The CPS said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute the forger of the letter.
Using the anniversary of King John sealing Magna Carta 799 years ago, Anna Raccoon claimed that recent changes in English law and the conduct of the police and the CPS in sex cases have breached the spirit of the mediaeval document that Lord Denning described as ‘the greatest constitutional document of all times – the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot.’
Reminding her readers that barons forced King John to accept that ‘no free man shall be seized, or imprisoned, or disseised, or outlawed, or exiled or injured in any way, nor will we enter on him or send against him except by the lawful judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land’, she claims: ‘We are in danger of losing those historic rights as our justice system, which now oversees the power of the Crown to punish citizens, is ever nudged in the direction of achieving a “social justice” on behalf of the victim.

‘We no longer demand that accusers always “stand in public” and state their case. We allow “vulnerable victims” to remain in the shadows, behind a curtain or via video link. We don’t demand that their accusations are backed by solid evidence, or rather we consider that solid evidence consists of two or more victims alleging the same offence has occurred. We don’t demand that the victim is particularly specific in their allegation; we take into account the distress caused to them, the length of time since the offence occurred, and say “roughly” will do.
‘We say that even if the Crown doesn’t think it possesses sufficient evidence to prosecute, or continue a case, that the “victim” should have the right to review that decision. We encourage the victim to make a statement to the court telling of how much distress the offence has caused them – and that this is taken into account in the ultimate sentence.
‘We even say that if a man has been acquitted of an offence, the “victim’s rights” demand that he can be prosecuted a second time – so the accused can never have absolute finality in the matter.
‘Our justice system is no longer centred on curtailing the power of the Crown to “injure in any way” the ordinary citizen, but to deliver an outcome which is acceptable to the emotional and distressed victim, or those who cry out on his behalf.
‘Many of these changes have been wrought or are proposed in response to the current exceptional spotlight which is being shone on the emotive subject of child abuse. The subject has largely achieved public prominence in the wake of the “Savile” revelations of alleged wide-spread child abuse by the entertainer. The flood of allegations came in the wake of the Exposure television programme which reported on the claims of abuse at Savile’s hand, made by a small group of girls from an approved school in Surrey. Girls who truly walked in King John’s footsteps.’
Susanne Cameron-Blackie [Anna Raccoon]


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