The Internet Must Be Censored Before Paedophilia Can Be Legalised In The UK.

The UK population is evenly divided between those who can access independent information online and those that must rely on the broadcast media and the print press but this demographic is shifting. Within the next 20 years it will be as rare to find a household without internet access as it is to find a household without a television today. The control of the media by the corrupt and morally depraved establishment has been the primary tool that is used to maintain the illusion of freedom.
We know we live in a democracy only because the media tell us so, we understand that we are all equal under the law because the media report it in that way, and we accept the necessity and fairness of a change of law after the media have persuaded us.
This country is in the middle of the biggest paedophile scandal in it’s history but if you are part of the 50% who rely on the mainstream media for your information then you would wonder that I could even make such a statement, such is the power of manipulation and distraction of the establishment through the media.
Forget the sop, the aged celebrities paraded into police stations they are expendable, the real villains will remain uninvestigated.
Nobody quite knows how vile and disgusting these people are, both those that defile and murder children and those that cover up for them. It is not that the population couldn’t handle the truth but that these elites couldn’t retain their power over us all if the truth comes out  and so they will continue to cover up. They will do it in the name of national security but it is not the nation who will be more secure but their own position atop of society.
Already I’ve started to see the first defenders of the indefensible, the sophists and wormtongues come out from beneath the rocks they’ve been dwelling for the last 35 years and make the argument that “The age of consent is arbitary” and that “Not all sex involving children is unwanted”. Make no mistake, when these people talk about sex with children they mean our children, not their children.
The internet has ensured that institutionalised paedophilia can no longer be hidden in the dark periphery and unreported corners of society and it will stand united against any attempt to legalise paedophilia completely or gradually by degrees.
So, the immoral elites must find a way to silence us and we must expect the full force and power at their command to rain down upon us. The media will be complicit ever eager to regain the monopoly over your opinions.
However, there is one consolation. We are not a nation, we are global and our concerns are those shared by every parent and grandparent across the world. We are like the many headed Hydra of mythology, if one head is decapitated, two more will grow in it’s place. We are like bees that will relentlessly sting from many directions. We do not need leadership when we are bound by the human instinct to protect our young, and we understand the limts of their power and the potential of technology.

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  1. Callie

    You seem to be forgetting that it is the internet that has led to an explosion of pornography, much of it paedophile in nature, which is available to anyone with an internet connection. You saw on the Icke forum today a member admitting that was why they were first on the internet – to access porn and women. It also allows paedophiles to network, share, organise. The other member who claimed that consensual sex is harmless regardless of age is also exactly the type of person who can find whatever they want at the click of a mouse. While you are fretting about imagined grand conspiracies the medium you laud as our saviour is facilitating the abuse in a way unimaginable a couple of decades ago.

    • T

      There is a huge difference here though … the paedophile networks of old relied upon word of mouth and other methods to recruit their membership including sending information by way of the Royal Mail.
      Callie, do you blame the use of a 1st Class Stamp on your letter for the successes of the pederasts & paedos of old?
      The campaign exposing paedophilia has historically had to rely on mainstream media and Banda machines to get the word out. History shows the MSM were complicit and the methylated spirit photocopiers just weren’t up to the task of exposing these horrific networks.
      Today, concerned citizens against paedophilia have a voice at least as strong as those promoting it. This is because the alternative media isn’t in hock to, and controlled by, the entities verily engaging in these despicable acts.
      Callie, you appear quite happy to blame the internet for the “explosion of pornography” but the pornographers have existed long before the internet … they were there before the printed word. All they have done is utilised a medium which transfers information at a faster pace.
      The technology of the information age works both ways and for the first time in history, the elites do not have complete control on the exchange of information … and at this moment, their indiscretions are being exposed.
      How long this will last is largely dependent on the innovative ways rebels against censorship will outwit the draconian ideology of state sponsored internet control.
      Q:If you were a dirty filthy rich elitist with a corrupt depraved lifestyle, what would you do to prevent yourself being exposed?
      A: Control the media in which information is sent.
      Hence the Needle’s article on this issue.

  2. gojam, I agree with 100% of what you’ve written here- but be aware that the photo of Tatchell above has been manipulated/photo-shopped by the BNP, and he says he has never been involved with PIE. Tatchell insists he is totally against child abuse, giving a cogent argument for his position- don’t forget he has also protested for many decent and worthy causes, and has himself made many Establishment enemies, not least legions of homophobes who would happily associate being gay with paedophilia, and misrepresent people’s positions on the issue. I’m quite certain he would not jeopardise all his other human rights activities by supporting rapists. In his own words-
    Btw- I was no great fan until I saw him being beaten by homophobic nazis in Moscow a couple of years ago- I thought him a professional, egotistic, self-publicising activist- then I realised how incredibly brave he has been.
    As for the technology issue, like ‘T’ says. it’s a double-edged sword…and the image of Tatchell is a good example of the manipulation and misinformation that can occur online, nonetheless the net provides an unparralled alternative to the msm.

    • Thanks, Incubus. Pic has been removed.
      Tatchell is publicly in favour of reducing the age of consent to 14.
      He is quoted as saying “The positive nature of some child-adult sexual relationships is not confined to non-Western cultures. Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy. While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.”

    • Misterned

      Peter Tatchell has had documentation on his own website calling for the age of consent to be lowered to 14. Beyond this it also called for children to be legally allowed to engage in sex with other children, so long as there is no more than 3 years age difference between them.
      This was in a document on Peter Tatchell’s own website up until quite recently. He has since clarified his opinion here:
      But he did support such legislation to allow children to engage in sex up until quite recently.

  3. BrassedOff!

    I can’t believe what i have just read, whoever the hell said that the age of consent should be lowered, there is a thing called consensual sex with a minor -they need their heads caved in! the law is set at 16 for a reason, if anything it should be raised to at 18. there is NO SUCH THING as consensual sex with a minor, that’s rape! This Tatchell should be shot! what bull! Is this the world we live in now, where paedophiles are becoming catered to and victims of rape and sexual abuse should ‘deal with it’?!

  4. Until society has the balls to treat the pedophiles, rapists and murderers in a way that will ensure they can never commit another crime, then we will be a part of a sick society.
    Capital punishment, life imprisonment, which means life, and corporal punishment do have a necessary and valuable place in our justice system. Quite often, the weak idealist voices raised against such measures, are the worst perpetrators of crimes against children.
    How could so many high placed celebrities not have come to the attention of the media? Why did the police never act for so many years? Why can’t I say that I’m sick of muslim terrorists walking our streets and there are too many immigrants being allowed into our vastly overcrowded country without being labeled as extremist or racist?
    We are fundamentally weak and lack the moral courage to take the harsh and unpalatable steps that could really protect the most vulnerable members of our society. In the totally misguided illusion called human rights we continue to sacrifice the law abiding many for the preferences of the perverted, amoral few.

  5. Callie

    ” do you blame the use of a 1st Class Stamp on your letter for the successes of the pederasts & paedos of old?”
    Of course not, you missed the point entirely. Child porn has always existed, it is simply the internet that has allowed it to spread like a cancer and made it available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. I wasn’t arguing for censorship, perhaps I should have made that clear. Just a warning that the medium you love has a dark side and that the focus on ‘elites’ as the only important abusers is completely misplaced.
    If the elites were all covering for themselves then the police officers in the dock this last few days – three of them that I know of, two of them quite senior and one of them in Jersey – would never have been there. Judges and senior social services employees have all been in the dock of late and yet this fixed idea persists that only grubby working class people and expendables get fingered. It isn’t true.

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