The Great British Parliament Paedophile Purge

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Top-twat, David Cameron, has been forced into a panic-stricken emergency cabinet reshuffle in the wake of devastating child-abuse allegations.
He’s had no option but to cull many of his close chums in a bloodbath not seen since William Hague wrestled Seb Coe in the nude.
Desperate Dave’s organ-grinder ( what a repulsive thought) is none other than paedophile apologist Danny ‘the fake’ Finkelstein.
Old Danny know’s the game is up and has ordered his whipping-boy Dave to get rid of anyone who might be embroiled in the VIP abuse ring threatening to bring down this country.
Some of the high-profile names to go are:
1) William Hague
2) Ken Clarke
3) Michael Gove
Of course, we all know that bald-oddity Willie has been up to his neck in filth since he was groomed by boy-lover Margaret Thatcher.
Danny Finkelstein was his political advisor.
He used to live in den of iniquity, Dolphin Square, and has been blackmailed by tptb for decades because of his less-than-manly predilections.
Mossad rent-boys. Mi5, used the Pimlico address as a high-tech honey trap to film and then coerce politicians to remain pro-Israeli throughout their careers.
Many young boys were trafficked from care homes to be raped by this filth and the abuse often led to murder.
Willie was put in charge of the Jilling’s North Wales probe which was investigating these crimes and was a predictable whitewash.
By a strange coincidence, Tory pervert, Leon Brittan has shared the same North Yorkshire constituency seat with Willie for years.
The seat is known as Richmond, which is not to be confused with the London Borough of the same name.
It was in this London borough, that yet again hundreds of boys were raped by VIP’s, including Leon.
Leon’s cousin, Malcolm ‘the poof’ Rifkind, runs the British and Israeli secret services and is a key player in the VIP blackmail paedophile rings.
He recently introduced pathetic new airport security measures against fake baddies ISIS, in a desperate attempt to take the media spotlight away from Brittan.
Nick Clegg is himself embroiled in the filth as he used to be a member of the Conservative Association at Cambridge University.
It’s members are known for being some of the most evil cnuts in the country and past chairmen have included Kenneth Clarke, Simon Milton and Leon Brittan.
Cleggie was also groomed by Leon and caught the old bastard’s eye as a youngster.
Cyril Smith was adored by his political chums who knew of, and in many cases shared his love of, buggering young boys.
Child-raping peer Greville Janner has recently escaped police action over scores of abuse allegations.
Janner shares a love of Israel and the Holy Book (Talmud) with Danny Finkelstein.
Danny is the real power behind the Tories and writes all the scripts for Cameron, Osbourne and Gove.
All three of his puppets have recently proclaimed they will support Israel until their dying breath and Cameron is himself secretly Jewish.
He was also a protégé of Maggie and they went on a jaunt together to South Africa to buy illegal nuclear arms.
The sordid mission was arranged by Tory pimp and child-rapist Derek Laud who is close chums with the Camerons
Laud ran the boy-brothels at Dolphin Square with Ian Greer and Julian Lewis.
Danny Finkelstein works in cahoots with Rupert Murdoch and didn’t take too kindly to us pointing out that he is sympathetic to paedophiles.
He launched into a bizarre diatribe against us and proceeded to denounce us as ‘nutters’ and ‘loons’.
You really shouldn’t have done that Danny because what you don’t realise is that we’ve been privy to some of your deepest and darkest secrets and they make for very grim reading,
Very soon, the whole horrifying truth will emerge about what’s taken place in this country over the past 50 years and no amount of reshuffles or resignations will stop it.
The clock is ticking on Britain’s dirty secrets.
It’s only a matter of time.

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