Tim Tate has been making documentaries, writing books & campaigning on this issue for more than 25 years. His commitment to exposing the truth on this is unquestionable.
So, by all means doubt me but I hope you’ll pay more attention to Mr Tate who as you’ll read has actually listened to the audio tape..
“Unless there is another recording I have heard this encounter between Mr Solanki and an unnamed reporter in its entirety (18-plus minutes).
Nothing in the recording I have heard (and listened to extremely carefully) supports or justifies Exaro’s story above.  Mr Solanki refuses throughout to discuss the allegations made by the reporter, referring him constantly to Customs & Excise in Dover.
Nor does he name the ex-cabinet minister: only the reporter does so, repeatedly pressing Mr Solanki to confirm.  Mr Solanki does not do so.
There is a reason (other than the fear of breaching his duty of confidentiality) why Mr Solanki does not confirm the reporter’s allegations concerning the Tricker tapes.  That reason is that Mr Solanki has given a formal statement to the police telling the true story of what he does know about the ex cabinet minister: I wrote that story for the Daily telegraph: it can be viewed here.
If Exaro has heard the recording as it claims then it must know that it’s allegations are false.  This is not the first time that Exaro has over-egged the pudding and published wildly inflated (and downright inaccurate) stories.  Doing so damages the credibility of those campaigning for proper investigation into this country’s shameful record of covering up child sexual abuse.”

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